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Who doesn't love pizza. Bread, tomato sauce, cheese, veggies, tofu, vegetarian meat....did I go too far?? I was in the mood for pizza last night and I think Karel craves pizza at least once a week. We rarely order out (maybe once every 1 1/2 - 2 months) but when we do I usually get thin crust, 1/2 veggies and 1/2 meat (for Karel). And I always make a big salad as the entree to the pizza. Instead of pizza with salad we like to have salad with a side of pizza. Since I love making my own versions of restaurant/fast food items I like to make my own pizza's. I have made wrap pizzas w/ an open low-carb wheat wrap, sauce, veggies and cheese. Sometimes we buy a thin crust frozen cheese pizza (low in calories and price) at the grocery and then load it up with our own fresh toppings like corn, peppers, veggie meat, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, etc. and lots of spices. When we have a little more time, Karel buys fresh dough and he makes his own pizza. Although not thin crust to save on ca

Recovery Week

As of today I am calling this a recovery week. My workouts have been great but I haven't been in the mood to do more than one sport a day. I work out hard for around an hour and then it is just a relief to be done with the workout. I didn't plan on this week being a recovery week but to make my ego feel better I am just fine with my one-sport-a-day workout. Tuesday was an interval running day and I did: 3 min at 8.5 mph w/ 1 min at 7.5mph 2 x 1:15 at 8.8 mph w/ 30 sec recovery at 7.5 mph 2 x 30 sec at 9 mph w/ 15 sec recovery at 7.5 mph I planned on doing the set 3 times but after 2 my heart said no more. I went into the workout feeling a little tired and I think my blood sugar was just too low that morning. Especially after a long weekend of long workouts I am pretty sure I just had a little empty tank. That is why I always pay attention to my workouts and I try not to jump to the conclusion that i have to eat more because I am tired. I simply should have had a small snack pri


Time to learn a little about me.... 10 years ago I was..... 16 years old, finishing my sophomore year of HS. I was swimming around 15 hours a week for my USA Swimming team and HS. I was also playing piano, studying to maintain my 3.5+ GPA and dancing at the "club" on saturday nights with my girls. I was also really into boys but I didn't have time for a bf....luckily, they were all losers and now I have a keeper (karel). I wanted to be a reconstructive surgeon for the face and hoped to go to medical school after swimming in college. 5 years ago.... I just finished my senior year of college and graduated with a BA in Exercise Science and a minor in psychology. I also graduated with 4 years of collegiate swimming and 1 year of cross country (senior year). I worked the summer as a personal trainer at the Y and I completed my first sprint triathlon (which took me around 2 hours). I received a scholarship from FAU and I was packing up my stuff to make the solo move to Davie, F

I wish....

I love the olympics!! How inspiring and motivating, watching all these athletes pursuing a dream. A wish for many just to make it to the trials but a lifetime of training to land on the podium in Bejing. Karel and I spent the weekend watching cycling and the olympics. The Tour is exciting and for the third year in a row, I love listening to Karel's comments on the race. I think Phil L. may lose his job to Karel if Phil continues to mess up on teams and the names of the athletes :) As far as the olympics I am reminded of all my 10 years of competitive swimming. I swam from the age of 12 (late bloomer for a swimmer) until I graduated from college. I remember going into all my races (100 breast, 200 fly and 200 IM) wishing for a win. I never won a meet, just a win for my heat or a win in pre-lims to make it into finals. I would wish for a great race, a great season or a great relay win. I see many of the athletes in the olympics thanking God (or a higher being) and I'm sure there