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Taco Salad

We all know that the "taco" part of a taco salad is not-so friendly for the heart (or waist). Sure, once or twice a year is no big deal but choosing a taco-salad as a "healthy choice" is not likely to help when meeting your weight/performance goals if on-occasion becomes every now and then. The average taco-salad (with the fried shell) contains around 950-1000 kcal, around 50-60g fat and close to 2000 mg sodium. The other night I was going for a veggie-filled wrap until my tortilla began to toast more than I wanted. I typically toast my tortilla on a low heat pan (after I cook my veggies) with a little non stick spray for a minute or two (total, both sides included) but when I started to see the bubbles in my "La Tortilla Factory 100 kcal tortilla ( I realized that there was no way I would be able to fold my wrap. I ended up putting my tortilla in a shallow bowl and I noticed that I was able to bend the edges (


It's finally here! It's all a bit surreal right now because I am 4-weeks away from no longer being a dietetic intern. As I cleaned up my binder this week and sat with my preceptor to sign-off on my many assignments and projects, I could not believe how far I have come in the past 14 weeks. It was only 14 weeks ago that I was starting my clinical rotation for Long Term Care and overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that was necessary to be a clinical dietitian. It was a quick 5 weeks because before I knew it, I was stepping foot in St. Vincent's Hospital, surrounded by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, family health, MD's, specialty doctors and of course, acute care dietitians. After 14 weeks of interning, today will be my last day for my clinical rotation and I will be spending 4 weeks "playing RD" with my own task list, covering different units/floors all by myself. The RD assigned to the unit(s) will sign-off on my notes but it will be up to me to assess pat

4 more days!!

I can't believe I am entering my last (14th) week of clinical interning and my 32nd week of interning. After this week I will be starting "staff relief" and on April 22th, I will be finished with my internship. Between now and then comes two finals, 4 more quizzes and turning in my binder (on Thurs) and hopefully I will successfully complete my internship program in order to receive my papers that say I am eligible for the RD exam. I had a little time this weekend so enjoy some non-interning reading so I choose the April 2011 issue of Consumer Reports on Health. There were three great articles and I thought I'd share them with you since they are very relevant to my fitness-oriented blog readers. Enjoy! (p.s. bear with me this week....I'm hoping to stay balanced but I have 4 more days in the ICU, a meeting with my preceptor to approve/sign-off on my assignments in my binder and another quiz to study for this weekend...oh and healthy cooking + training to keep me ha