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Eating out...I need to vent

I don't like it. My main reason is that I'm a vegetarian who also likes to eat healthy. Therefore, aside from meat-free dishes which are mearly vegetarian because the meat is replaced with loads of cheese, I don't enjoy ordering salads EVERYTIME I eat out. Who wants to pay $9 for lettuce and a tomato when I know I am going to be hungry 1 hour after I eat. And because I'm a bit frugal with my money and impatient I don't enjoy having to drive to a place to eat, wait to be seated, wait for my food and then have to pay for something that I had to custom-make myself and I usually end up pissing off the waiter. I guess I don't like going out to eat because it isn't very fun for me due to my healthy eating habits which label me as an "outcast" compared to the rest of our culture. I'm sure those reading my blog understand where I am coming from, so I think I am speaking those who I see eating out, when I just don't understand why they don't get

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

It's my dad's birthday today and I couldn't be more proud to be his daughter and to call him my dad. As a dedicated optomestrist at the VA clinic, a dedicated dad and a loving husband, I think my dad is just great. Of course I thank him for me and my brothers' great athletic abilities, my tan greek skin, love of science and school and shortness from my dad (love ya too mom!), but most of all I have learned to just enjoy life from my dad supporting me through all my journey's. My parents helped me through college (monetary speaking) and helped me through grad school (mentally speaking after all my breakdowns). Then after grad school when I had negative dollars in my bank account my parents let me live at home while I found a job and pursued my passion of becoming a sports nutritionist. My parents have encouraged me to pursue my dreams no matter how crazy they seem...Examples being Marathons, Ironman's and going back to school for my 3rd degree. Oh, my dad takes g

This week is flying!

Well, it is already the end of Tuesday. After telling Karel I wasn't going to ride tonight I was in need of an outdoor spin after spending almost 3 full hours in my biology lab. I spun my legs in the wind for 15 miles and that is all I needed to do to finish my tuesday. After my intervals on the treadmill and 2000 yard swim I really didn't need to do anything else today in terms of training but mentally, I needed to just get outside and loosen out my legs. I feel much better now. I am working on some computer stuff as I watch Idol but I wanted to post a link to the team blog that Karel races for - Linder Capital. Enjoy!

Interval Tuesday!!!

Alarm went off at 5:45am but I couldn't get out of bed. Just 10 more minutes...ok, I was ready to get up. Karel...again, fast asleep. Oh the life of a cyclist to only have to do one sport a day :) Made my coffee, checked my email and I was out the door around 6am. It was really cold this morning for a Florida day in March but I toughed it up in the 46 degrees by turning on the heat in the car. I got to the Y a little later than planned but the treadmill was ready for me. A quick bathroom stop, filled up the water bottle and I jumped on the treadmill. I think after last weekend, I really recovered well from my two long workouts and I really feel a lot stronger by resting my legs on Mon. I feel I was starting from scratch back in December when I was almost running at 6.4 mph and I just impress myself with the slow changes that my body has made along the way. Again, I love the training aspect of what my body can do. Of course I love racing and the competition but there is something ab

Super Fast Monday!

Today came and went. 6am I didn't want to leave our place. Karel was fast asleep but I made my way to the Y with my coffee in hand. A 15 walk on the treadmill hardly woke me up but after a few hip and ab exercises I was on my way to the pool for a swim coaching session. It was 8:30am when I left the Y and I was still a little sleepy. Off to the DMV to turn in some papers and then straight to school. 1 hour of studying in the library and then to class at 11-12:15am. Back home for lunch and a brief chat with Karel as I start working on an Iron Girl article. I barely made it to 2 and I had to lay down. I guess with the increase in training volume (and intensity) I am in need of a little more sleep. I've been really good at getting into bed before 10 (around 9:20 the last couple of nights) but I think I need a few extra naps during the week and especially on the weekends. I woke up semi-refreshed after a 30 minute nap but then it was time for another swim coaching session. 4-5pm we

Training and Racing

I've had a really busy week so my apologies to my blog readers. Karel and I took a quick trip to Jacksonville and I will post about that trip shortly. Training has been going really really really well. I emphasize really well because compared to where I was a couple months ago, I'm seeing great improvements. I'm feeling strong and consistent. Getting my speed back has been progressive but overtime I slowly see improvements. On saturday morning Karel and I needed to leave at 8:30am for his race in Webster. I really wanted to get a run in so I set the alarm for 5:30am, had my coffee and a piece of toast w/ PB and a little banana and I was out the door at 6:00am. I do not like running in the dark and 6am is a little scary for me to run outside. I do not like to take my chances training outside or in unsafe conditions. I put on my RunnerID ankle band and told Karel my route. Although I run on the pinellas trail through Dunedin, there are a couple dark places and I just don'