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Showing posts from February 8, 2009

Things I Love

Happy Valentine's day! First off, my thoughts go out to all the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the recent plane crash. It was just in the airport this past week that I told Karel how much I love watching people in the airport. I always wonder why people are traveling...are they are visiting or going home? Who they are going to see? Is this a happy trip, boring trip, stressful trip, exciting trip or sad trip? Is this a business or pleasure trip? Has this person ever flown before or is this a trip to a new place? I like trying to figure out why a person is flying. After reading the stories of the victims, I believe that everyone has a story. You never know who is on your plane and if you are lucky enough to sit by me, I will let you share your story to me :) (I love talking to people next to me on the plane). Things I Love (in no particular order after my top 3): 1) My family (mom, dad and aaron) and relatives 2) Karel (my hubby forever) 3) Campy, Smudla and al

Good to be back

Although vacations are great, it is always nice to be back to my normal routine. However, I find myself being less obsessive about "training" when I am away from my home and I really enjoy a change of scenery every now and then. Exercise and healthy eating are two big parts of my life so I don't really mind taking away the "disciplined" training routine every now and then. I know that I will always exercise, choose healthy foods (and a few sweet treats) and get plenty of sleep when I am away. I might be boring but it is really nice to not loose touch of my normal lifestyle when I am away. So, back home and Campy is one happy doggy. We have gone on a bunch of walks and he is full of smiles. Smudla is still with my parents since she LOVES having a big house to call her own. Karel has a race near my parents on Sunday so he will bring her home on Sun. I am missing her as well. Training is going well and I hope I picked up a few red blood cells with all that altitude

Honeymoon is over

What great fun we had here! We spent most of our time in the snow in the morning and then relaxed in the evening. There was lots of eating (healthy and yummy food of course), lots of warm coffee and lots of pictures. Totals for our trip: Hours cross country skiing - 7 1/2 Hours on the slopes - 4 Movies watched - 4 Hours on the computer - 3 (love that one!!!) Pictures taken - 100+ Money spent on activities - ?????? Money spent on food - $50 (love that one even more!!!) How many times we ate out - 1 How many times I talked about Campy - too many to count :) Time to head to the airport for a 2 hour and 5 hour flight. Then, get our animals and get in the car for a 4 hour car ride. Errr...traveling.