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Bootlegger 100 - DNS

This morning Karel and I were supposed to race in the Bootlegger 100 gravel event - 107 miles with over 10,000 feet of elevation. I recently announced our race schedule on my Instagram account and we were really looking forward to this event. I had booked a hotel, planned the restaurant for pre-race pizza and even found a Chipotle (yum) for after the event. The best part was that I was going to enjoy the event with a few friends. Well, we didn't do the event.  Four weeks ago, Karel had a really bad crash at the Whole Enchilada MTB event at the Whitewater center. His bike slipped on a wet wooden bridge and that resulted in a direct fall to his right hip. Karel was able to continue to train for two weeks even though he still had a fluid-filled bump on his hip. But last week, the bump turned solid and started to cause him a lot of pain. Karel did some research and came across a similar injury that Jan Frodeno had and we instantly knew that this is what Karel had - A Morel-Lavallee L

Haphazard Race Day Fueling Mistakes

Practice, practice, practice.  I can't tell you how many athletes arrive to a long distance race without confidence in their fueling and hydration plan. A precise balance of carbs, fluids and electrolytes are needed to delay the onset of fatigue by sparing liver glycogen, maintaining blood glucose concentrations and off-setting excessive fluid losses from sweating. You can't 'fake it 'til you make it' when it comes to fueling during a long distance event. It's not uncommon for athletes to underfuel/hydrate in training and then overcomplicate fueling strategies on race day due to fear of running out of energy. Whereas too little of an energy intake (carbs, calories) is detrimental to performance, not having a well-practiced nutrition plan may result in GI issues, or more serious health complications. It seems obvious that if you are going to do something on race day, you should repeatedly do it in training, but far too often is this not the case. Rushed and busy

Snacking - good, bad, healthy, unhealthy?

To snack or not to snack? 🥨🍇 🧀 Snacks often get a bad reputation because most people choose packaged snacks out of convenience. Additionally, it's easy to snack out of boredom and stress, resulting in mindless grazing throughout the work day (or evening). But if you choose your foods wisely (ex. planning ahead), snacking can give you energy to thrive during the day. A snack between meals can also help you maintain stable blood sugar levels for more consistent energy in the afternoon, decrease hunger and reduce the risk of overeating at your next meal. What's your favorite snack?

2023 Trimarni Early Season Tri Camp recap

  Day 1 Friday:  8:30-9:30am - Long Course Swim at Westside Aquatic Center (technique and skills)  11am-12:30pm - Run workout at Furman (hills - strength and posterior chain activation) 2-4:30pm - Tour of Boyd Cycling followed by a bike skills and terrain management discussion  We have a great group of 10 athletes, with over half first-time Trimarni campers. We love returning campers but we also really enjoy having new ears and eyes to absorb new skills and information. Every Trimarni camper received Amp Human PR lotion (3 packets), Run In socks and a Trimarni water bottle. At the end of camp, every camper received a gift from us.  We started the morning with an hour long course swim focused on the technique and skills. After the swim, we had a short break before a late morning run workout. We are passionate about building strong and economical runners off the bike so the run workout included hills, strides, bounding and best EZ pace running. Our afternoon session was at the Boyd Whee