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M2M expert night wrap-up: The role of sport nutrition in a healthy diet

I couldn't be more excited to support and promote our local half ironman distance triathlon, here in Greenville, SC.  Mountains to Mainstreet  (M2M) is not just a triathlon event but a full festival weekend of events, with a 1K, 5K and half marathon on Saturday, followed by the half ironman distance triathlon (and relay/aquabike) on Sunday. For a limited time, you can use the discount code tri35 to receive a $35 off discount code for the event. We hope to see you there and we can't wait for you to enjoy our gem of a triathlon playground, here in beautiful Greenville, SC. For more info about the event: Mountains to Mainstreet In conjunction with the event, the M2M team is bringing together the triathlon community with a series of educational talks on all things triathlon - nutrition, swim, bike, run, injuries, race preparation, etc. I just love our triathlon/cycling/running community here in Greenville and I could not be more proud and excited to be a triathlete, li

Kona Edge Podcast - 4 more episodes talking nutrition, swim, bike, run!

A few months ago, I was interviewed by Brad Brown with The Kona Edge podcast. Over the past 11 years, I have had a lot of successes in the sport of triathlon and well, many great learning lessons. Brad gave me the opportunity to share some of the mistakes I've made over the years and to profile some of the highlights in my endurance triathlon journey. If you missed the first podcast, you can listen HERE.  But we didn't stop there! You can now listen to four more podcasts where I talk more specifically about nutrition, swimming, biking and running. Enjoy! Nutrition Podcast Swimming Podcast Cycling Podcast Running Podcast

Did you hear the news? Three new CLIF BLOKS energy chew flavors!

Not too long ago, Clif Bar released 3 new flavors of CLIF BLOKS energy chews. These chews provide quick, chewable energy for athletes in training and on race day. The new flavors include Salted Watermelon (2x sodium), Ginger Ale and Spearmint. This now brings the CLIF BLOKS collection to 11 flavors. Each chew still contains 30-33 calories and there are 6 BLOKS per sleeve of chews. One serving size is 3 chews. All of the CLIF BLOKS include 95% organic ingredients and depending on the flavor, contain between 50-100 mg sodium per serving and 0-25-50mg of caffeine. Clif Bar sent me the new flavors to try out but I wanted to use this blog post as an opportunity to introduce you to the new flavors to help you decide on the best flavor for your fueling and tastebud needs. Salted Watermelon - For the watermelon lovers, this tastes just like you would imagine - watermelonly delicious. It is sweet but it does have a subtle saltiness to it. Each serving (3 chews) contains 100 mg of so

Trimarni Greenville Skills Camp Info (and a free camp entry giveaway!)

In case you haven't heard, we have a little gem of a triathlon training playground here in Greenville.  Although it's no longer a well kept secret as I am no stranger to sharing pictures of us training in and around the mountains, surrounded by nature, the Greenville community embraces cycling and physical activity. People love riding bikes in Greenville, we have a number of beautiful state parks and hiking trials and the Swamp Rabbit Trail is perfect for active families for walking, running and biking.  We have an award winning (dog-friendly) downtown and Falls Park is absolutely breathtaking. When you come to Greenville, you will experience amazing mountain views, delicious farm-to-table restaurants and very friendly people. And we have Mr. Lama - a lama who loves cyclists and selfies.  We have received many requests over the past few years regarding the need for a skills camp. We listened to you and responded with our first ever Greenville triathlon skills c