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Our next triathlon event will be XTREME!

  With this year being unpredictable and different, we have approached our training as a way to try different things and to explore different events. Cancelled races meant new opportunities. Earlier this summer, Karel was itching for a physical challenge. He wanted some type of event where he would be challenged physically and mentally. After 14 years together, I've learned that anytime Karel says to me "Marni, I have an idea...." I know it's something epic or exciting. Or, it's a new bike 😄 When Karel mentioned the Florida Xtreme Coast to Coast triathlon in mid November, I immediately told Karel that I wanted to do the event with him. We registered and committed to the 3-day event. He also mentioned applying for Ultraman Florida but I told Karel that I would gladly support him during that extreme ultra endurance event (and not be a participant).  After completing 16 Ironman distance triathlons (and qualifying for the Ironman World Championship six times), I fe