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Mmmmmm Chili

Brrrrr, it's cold out! When the weather makes your bones cold, you know it's time to get out a big pot (or crockpot) so you can make yourself a big bowl of chili.  I love chili. And this is coming from a vegetarian! When it comes to making chili, here are a few tips to consider when making your favorite chili recipe: -Soak your bean mix (I use Goya 15-bean mix) overnight. Although this step isn't necessary, especially if using a pressure cooker, soaking the beans will decrease overall cooking time (without sacrificing flavor) and will make beans more digestible (reducing gas/bloating).  -To enhance the flavor of chili , s autée  onions, mushrooms, peppers and garlic in a skillet before adding to the pot. You can still add raw veggies but this step will really take the flavors up a notch.  -Season early. Although it's hard to know how much herbs and spices to add to give the chili the right flavor (without it being overloaded), you are look

Maintaining motivation to train - swimming

As I was swimming the other day, I started to think about the many, many years that I have changed out of warm clothes and into a swimsuit, cap and goggles, only to jump into a cold pool, to swim back and forth for thousands of yards at a time. Even after starting competitive swimming at the age of 10, I feel so lucky that I still love to swim. However, I can't say that over the past 23 years, it has always been easy to drive myself to a pool, get excited to go from perfectly dry to soaking wet and stay committed to a swim workout. Of course, when there is a coach on deck and your teammates are working hard, you don't make excuses, you just do the work.  But the pool is still my happy place. I love the way my body feels when it is non-weight bearing and the fact that I can get a great cardio and muscular workout in the water.   Now that I am in my 10th year of endurance training and racing (and 23rd/24th year of being a competitive athlete - wow, that is a LONG ti

Powerful food bowl

I'm not a fan of fad diets that promise "too good to be true" health or weight loss results or require extreme, restrictive eating choices but I'm all about food trends that encourage healthy eating. If it wasn't for food trends, you probably wouldn't be eating so much kale, avocados or chia seeds! If you've been a long-time  Trimarni  follower on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably noticed that most of my meals are eaten from bowls. Well, wouldn't you know that it is now trendy to eat a meal out of a bowl??? I love the idea of eating out of a bowl for several reasons: -Flavors are enhanced when combined -You can incorporate a variety of nutrients into one dish -You can see what you love to eat -You can hide what you don't like to eat -You are forced to sit down and eat with silverware When I plan meals, I always focus on a template for every meal: -Plants (fruits or veggies) -Protein -Starch or grain -Fat Withou

Feeling off track?

Whether it's traveling, life stressors or multiple events occurring in a short time period, it's easy to feel off track with your diet and workout routine.  A common tendency for athletes is to see the next "normal" day of life as an opportunity to get back on track.  With an intense desire to "be really good" until life feels normal again, there's nothing wrong with this, right?  Well, it's a problem if your "normal" lifestyle habits are so extreme that you can not function well in life when you feel a loss of control over every situation relating to your diet and workout regime.  For athletes who don't feel safe with their thoughts, choices or feelings when they can not control normal life situations, getting back on track may require an extremely disciplined and restrictive style of eating and going a bit longer and harder with training for the next 48-72 hours, all in an effort to regain control over what didn&#