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18 memorable moments in 2018

I always enjoy reflection as I close the chapter to one year and welcome in a new year. As we roll into 2019, here are eighteen of my most memorable moments in 2018.

1. Karel became a US citizen.

2. I qualified for my 5th Ironman World Championship.

3. Karel qualified for his 4th Ironman World Championship.

4. Karel finished the 2018 IM World Championship after completing the 112 mile bike on only one gear.

5. We spent 5 amazing weeks in Europe, visiting Karel's family in Znojmo, Czech Republic, racing in Austria and Prague and traveling to Frankfurt, Germany. 

6. Karel stuck to a strict ice cream diet while we were in Europe. One ice cream a day for over 3 weeks!

7. We brought Karel's mom back to the US with us and she enjoyed 3 months with us! We took her to Madison, WI, Augusta, GA and Kona, Hawaii.

8. I wrote my first book!

9. People purchased my book! 

10. Campy survived his first dog attack. We are so thankful that he is ok!

11. We took full advantage of our off-season and enjoyed a few fall hikes. 

12. Karel and I stayed injury free in 2018!

13. We had over 30 Trimarni athletes racing at the IM 70.3 FL Triclub championship. And we placed third in division IV. 

14. On behalf of Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, you helped us donate $532 to the Greenville Human Society.

15. We survived two days without power after a strong snow storm hit Greenville, SC.

16. We celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary.

17. I got a new bike!

18. My Grandpa turned 95!

Lastly, a big thank you to all the Trimarni athletes and team members, our friends and family and the many Trimarni followers for your ongoing support!

Cheers to a great 2019!