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Disney 70.3

I will write the detailed write-up in a bit. Right now I'm trying to finish some packing before we load up the moving truck tomorrow.
The race was hard. The girls in my new age group are tough. The conditions weren't the best. Rain on the bike for around 20 miles and the heat on the run was tough. The swim was beautiful.
I swam my hardest.
I biked hard...but saved my legs.
I ran like there was no tomorrow.
I would like to provide a quote for my last loop of the run...
"No mom, I can't run any faster."
There must be something about parents, friends and loved ones that think you (as the athlete) can go faster. Yeah, like it is just that easy. Only kidding. I love when people cheer for me and especially my mom and dad. My mom loves running with me and my dad just shouts "Go Marn!" And today my dad had a new quote for me
"Marn if you are talking than you might as well be walking." He's telling me this as I am asking him how many girls are ahead of me.
I am so proud of my performance today because I competed to the best of my ability. This was my first time "racing" my bike in rain and I was a bit scared. I just wanted to run.
Thanks for my good luck wishes and congrats emails. I appreciate it! And the best part...NO INJURIES, NO PAIN ( know what I mean)!!!!
Results are on but here you go:

SWIM: 31:50
BIKE: 2:46:12
RUN: 1:47:50 (WAHOO!!!! My interval tuesdays paid off!)
Total: 5:11:20
Overall place:289
Female overall: 35
Age group (25-29): 6