Wasn't as bad as I thought

Friday was a busy day. Before I knew it 6:15am came and I was out for a morning 40 mile ride with 3 intense interval sets (4 x 2 min. w/ 1:30 recovery) and a 4 mile run. Afterwards, the smoothie was made and I was out the door for a one-on-one session of personal training at 11am. I barely saw Karel in the morning as we quickly crossed paths as I was transitioning for my run. After the personal training session I was back home for a quick lunch and out again for some errands. As usual I made a great dinner for Karel and I (I think I have mentioned that I love friday nights since Karel and I can spend time together). Salad, sweet potatoes and cuscous w/ mushrooms and green peppers. Yumm! I always keep cut-up veggies in the fridge so putting together a meal is usually pretty easy and quick....since Karel and I usually want a quick and easy meal after p.m. training. Oh, Karel prepared chicken for himself. I try making meat-meals for him at times but I get worried before he tastes the foods since I won't taste the meat. I always hope for the best and it is cooked properly :) hehe. After dinner we watched a movie (Babel-great movie and awesome meaning behind the plot) and saturday morning came quickly.
Since Karel has a race tonight he slept in until 6:30am and warmed up with the Panera riders for about an hour. I was out the door at 6:15 a.m. for my last long run before a recovery week. The past two weeks have consisted of mega training volume and I am finishing this 3-week build with a big weekend of training. I was a little worried about the 20-mile run and how my legs would hold up but I ended up having a great run. I practiced my nutrition which went really well and I kept my heart rate in a comfortable zone. Because my body is so broken down I didn't want to push hard. I really want to learn how to run fast and I do that in my tues interval workout. On the weekends, I'm out for endurance and i could tell that my heart was getting stronger. The legs hurt and I will admit that I felt sleepy around miles 13-16 but after a gel and drink I felt a lot better. It isn't easy running 2 hours and 52 minutes but the last couple miles are always the best cause I'm so close to home! Afterwards I said bye to karel and I was on my road bike for a good hour of spinning. Enjoying my day watching tv and doing nothing and tomorrow is a big day with 110 mile ride and a 3 mile run. The last workout and I can't wait til next week. RECOVERY!
Good luck to everyone racing at IMC and especially in Kentucky (my home state!!!) for IMKY!