OK, jahowie...I don't think I would call myself an inspriational figure :)

But in reference to my last post of the kona broadcast (and clearwater 70.3 broadcast)I did find a video which showcases the 2007 world championships in Kona. And I'm on it! Oh, the painful, painful, painful memories. I just saw that finish line...cried as it took me at least 5 min. to wobble my way to the end and my only thought was "who is going to catch me when I fall". The 60+ age group men had already sprinted by me and I had the whole finish line to myself at 12 hours at 26 minutes.



(I am at 2:44. It is very quick so if you want to verify it is me, press the pause button at 2:44. I have my pink oakleys on my zoot visor and my white/green zoot shirt.) Enjoy.