I know I have lots to write about. But I'm just so excited for my pics that I thought I would post those first.
And a big congrats to all the IMKY athletes. To those who finished and to those who put out a tremendous effort to reach the finish line. Regardless the outcome of the race, I was so motivated to see such inspirational performances. So, what did I do with all that inspiration.....
IMKY 2009-Registered!

Ahh....sigh of relief. I feel so good that I have an Ironman to look forward to in 2009. I feel like something was missing in my life and I can't wait to get back into an Ironman routine. I'm also really happy that Karel supports me in my Ironman decision and although I'm sure I will have up and down days as I plan on finishing my dietetic program by August 2009, I'm lucky to have a supportive and understanding fiance, soon to be husband (wedding countdown: 54 days).