"wrap"ing up with exercise - Creations

I just L-O-V-E the off-season. I have so much fun exercising and mixing in lots of different activities into my routine.
Last week, Karel asked if I would run with him twice during the week. WHAT???!??! a run with my cycling hubby? How could I pass that up?
Without sounding too bitter...Karel's first run in 365 days blew me away. Not sure if I was more surprised that I could average 7:30 min/miles for the 3.12 mile run at 5pm on a sunday evening or that Karel could pace me for a sub 7 min mile for the last mile. Yes-Karel is athletically gifted and we can all be jealous of him...errrrr
A few days later we went for another run and average 8 min/miles. We were just chatting away around 7pm on a Tuesday evening. Such fun running with Karel but this week was a no-evening run week. Karel is gearing up for his last race of the season this weekend - the Florida Road Race State Championships. Karel's season ended about a month ago so this race will be for fun. I sure have missed the cycling races but I know there will be plenty more next season.

So while Karel is enjoying his off-season in the weight room, Mountain biking and fixed-gear riding (and occasionally running) I am enjoying my off-season riding with Karel on the weekends (we typically do around 3 - 3 1/2 hours sat and/or sun). Because we both train for different sports, we both really look forward to the off-season to spend some time together doing what we love....keeping our bodies moving and enjoying the outdoors.

Also on my off-season exercise plan (it isn't really a plan, it's more like a non-structured variation from my typical "training" schedule) is at least 2 days of strength training (I won't let myself do less since strength training is a priority for me during my off-season to work on my weaknesses and build on my strengths), stretching every day and rolling on the tennis ball and core exercise (almost every week day). I've fallen in love with the elliptical as well as water jogging. I like to run at least once a week and for 2-3 times a week, I love water jogging and using the elliptical. I love it all and don't miss the repetition of swim-bike-run which I stick with for almost 3/4ths of the year. Also on my off-season routine (which will carry through all winter) is LOTS of swimming. I try to swim 3 days a week (or 3 days a week every other week so that I still give myself an off day on Mon at least twice a month) which includes at least 30 min of continuous swimming for 1 workout, a speed workout of around 4000 yrds and a distance swim of around 5000 yrds (which I will continue to build on throughout the winter, until I get to around 7000-7500 yrds).

Although I love just exercising and keeping my body moving, I know that exercise in the off-season will ultimately translate to a healthy mind and body in the base and build part of my season. I really do love my body and I believe this is the time to take care of it and just have fun being an active individual. I have plenty of time next year to call myself a triathlete.