A Health Conscious Traveler

There was a time in my life (many years ago) that I felt the need to be well-prepared when it came to my food while traveling. Although I still like to be prepared so I can somewhat maintain heart-healthy habits while on the road, I don't believe that I need to be obsessed and controlled when it comes to attempting to maintain my typical diet when traveling.
While at one time I would bring measuring cups, individaully portioned snacks and my own stash of Marni-foods, that time in my life is over (thank goodness) and I have a very healthy relationship with food when it comes to eating outside my home.

I believe that we should eat well on an every day basis so that when we travel (or celebrate an occasional event, etc.) we can enjoy different foods and a different routine. I do believe that a person can eat healthy while on the road but it takes a little creativity and open mind to be "ok" with not eating like you would normally eat. By feeling confident with the foods that you put in your body on a daily basis, you should find yourself not concerned with "weight gain" while traveling.

Karel and I have been traveling since Fri morning and we have 4 more days to go until we are home. I have a bag full of food (peanut butter, whole grain crackers, nuts, oatmeal, dry cereal, protein powder, homemade apple/banana oatmeal cookies, granola bars) and a cooler full of wonderful snacks (spinach, hummus, carrots, celery, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, milk, deli meat for Karel, applesauce). Certainly it is a little easier to bring along food while traveling by car but we don't expect to eat in our room every meal of the day. By snacking on fruit and veggies or eating a small protein snack before a meal, I find myself feeling in good about my choices when eating on the road. I love enjoying foods that I wouldn't normally eat on a daily basis and visiting new restaurants and places to eat.

As an athlete who wants to develop a healthy relationship with food, I believe it is important that healthy eating starts at home. Starting with a blank canvas, without considering pre and post training fuels, spend a few days journaling your food, moods and times for eating so that you can create a template for heart-healthy eating in order to feel great on a daily basis all while having a healthy relationship with food.

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