Edamame and tofu salad for a speedy cyclist

I'm sad to miss the Gate River Run this year but super excited to watch Karel compete in the Delray Beach Twilight Festival this weekend! More info can be found on the
Delray Festival Website . If you are in town or in the area, I highly recommend watching the Pro race, which will feature some of the top pro teams and riders in the country. The race starts at 8:15pm and will last until 9:45pm. That's right....Karel and a hundred or so other cyclists will be suffering and trying to buffer lactic acid while riding at their max capacity for 90 minutes...all while trying to avoid crashes due to four corners on each loop and every rider fighting for his own position.

Karel will be racing for 80K...on a 1K course. I'll do some of the math for you....that's around 50 miles in 90 minutes, give or take a mile or two.

Here's a video of the Athens Twilight Pro Criterium that Karel finished last year...it was one of the most memorable days for me as Karel had started the race three times and never finished. With every lap, I was pulling for him to just hang on. It got so close at the end but I guess he wanted it more than ever and he refused to let the pain in his entire body win that evening. Last year= SUCCESS!
(Just to survive a few laps is worth bragging rights....the Athens Twilight Crit is the fastest criterium in the US)

Now you can see why I LOVE watching Karel race....what an endorphin rush without any work as a spectator! :)

In order to make sure Karel is properly fueled, I've been making sure he has had some amazing meals this week. Of course, dinner is not the only important meal of the day so starting from his pre-training snack of oatmeal, flax and strawberries, followed by a whey protein smoothie creation, Karel is constantly fueling his body when he works as the GM of the Jacksonville Trek Bicycle Store.

Although Karel has different needs than myself, the foundation is the same.
We don't do salads like this....

This is how we fuel in the Trimarni household.....
Edamame and tofu salad
Edamame (frozen and cooked in microwave, in pods, beans removed)
Tofu (cubed - cooked in olive oil on skillet on medium heat)
Lettuce (arugula and romaine)
Barley (cooked according to package on stove, under the pile of toppings)
Strawberries (sliced)
Tomatoes (sliced)
Carrots (chopped)
Onions (chopped)
Cashews (lightly salted)
Egg (hardboiled)
Dressing: Raspberry balsamic