Goodbye shoelaces, hello RIPLACES

Not only are we lucky to be able to train outside year-round in Florida but our weather brings for many opportunities for year-round Farmer's Markets.

We are incredibly spoiled by the many vendors at our Farmer's Markets, from local bakers and chefs to jewlery designers, farmers and other local companies. I just love to support small businesses and to learn more about people who have a dream for a service, food or skill that can make a difference in someone's life.

If you are in the Jacksonville area, I highly recommend to stop by the Bartram Farmers Market from 3pm - 7pm today (THURS 12/5). Don't forget to bring cash.


These were a few of our finds at the last Bartram Farmers Market - apple struedels, cinnamon bread, radishes, RIPLACES (given to us to try out) and a variety of 100% fruit jams.

From the Nocatee Farmers Market, our favorite: FRESH BREAD!
German rye loaf. A simple real food ingredient list with no preservatives. After one bite, you'll understand our love for real bread and why it makes our body feel so good inside.

After getting to know the owners/creators of RIPLACES, at the Bartram Farmers Market, I felt an instant connection to their passion for their product. As a small business owner myself, there is nothing more gratifying than not having to "sell" your service but instead, just being yourself and believing in your product/service and also "acting" the part. As you know, I don't agree with extreme ways of living, acting or thinking so I really appreciate people who have a balanced approach to living a great life.

I knew right away that I wanted to try this product, not only because it was something new and innovative (which I love to support) but I felt really comfortable getting to know David and his son. I really love companies that have a service or produt that enhances your lifestyle. In other words, it isn't the driving force in getting you started with your goals, but instead, you have the goals, motivation or excitement to get started and the company (food, product or service) helps you enjoy the journey even more. Whether it is purely for motivation (who doesn't love something new?) or the product/item helps to improve your health, keep you safe or helps you train smart, there's something special about companies who support your lifestyle and want to make it even better with their service/product.  
Karel and I (and Campy) had a little RIPLACE party one evening as we put on our RIPLACES. This was really quick and easy, thanks to the informative video on the Website .

After trying out the RIPLACES for various runs (and walking around), I really enjoy the simplicity of not having to worry about shoelaces on my running (and walking) shoes.
I never got into "triathlon" marketed shoes laces so for the past 5 years or so, I have kept it really simple by using jacket cord locks on my shoelaces (use your shoelace as normal and then slide your laces through the lock and then close down the lock to fit your tightness needs. Allow a few inches of extra lace so that you can loosen the cord to remove your shoe, and then make a knot and allow a little bit extra before snipping off the extra laces.)

Realizing that many people like their shoelaces tight or loose, "each set of Riplaces comes with 60 precision-made loops (12 each of 5 different sizes) of the highest quality elastic covered in a durable stretch fabric shell. The different sizes allow you to personally tune your Riplaces installation for optimimum comfort and performance. The precision sizing and stretch coefficient of our Riplace bands are a key part of the product design; comfort and performance are the key design criteria for Riplaces."

I had to borrow a few of Karel's RIPLACES (green color) because I needed all of my RIPLACES to be in the smallest loop possible. I don't find them loose when I am running and after a few times of getting use to them, I find them really easy to put on and they give me the right amount of support around my ankle and top of my foot (You  do have to use your hand to open the tongue of the shoe for if you are using for running, you will likely want the top lace to be snug to prevent your ankle from rolling).
I will say that if you are a triathlete, I recommend to try out the laces before you decide to use them in a race because many triathletes have preferences for how tight/loose they want their laces and also because many people experience swelling in their feet during endurance training/racing, you may need to modify the size of your laces.
If you feel the RIPLACES aren't ideal for your training/racing, I recommend my cord locks (above) as a simple option.

This is one product that I recommend to try out to see if it works for you as a runner or triathlete, with your training. I think fitness enthusiasts will really enjoy the RIPLACES because you won't have to worry about training for a race in your shoes but instead, just enjoying your active lifestlye with your shoes to keep you moving.
But in terms of using the RIPLACES for every day shoe wear (ex. walking shoes, etc.) I highly recommend the RIPLACES.
One question I had was about the durability of the laces. As we all know, our shoes take a beating with training/racing and daily life. David answered me at the Farmers Market when I met him but according to the website:
"The Riplace closures are extremely durable components that should outlast the shoe itself. We use the highest quality injection-molded nylon (the same material used in many mil-spec and law enforcement tactical products) and polycarbonate (used in clear bullet-proof products). We have test users who have worn the same set of bands for nearly a year with no problem. If a band wears out or breaks, remember that your basic Riplaces kit includes 60 bands; you should have plenty of spares if the need ever arises."
There are many types of styles and colors which is important because I have a saying that "if you match, you will go fast." :)
If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or you can visit the web store (RIPLACES).

 Riplaces offers free shipping on all orders to the continental United States, regardless of order size.
You can also check them out (and follow) on FACEBOOK.
Thanks RIPLACES for letting me review your product  (in exchange for a free pair for me and Karel) and to share your company with my readers.