Training, food and work - catching up

I love this quote. I'm sure you agree if you love your job. 

This past week has been very busy for me (thus the lack of blogging) so I thought I'd catch you up....

I love my PRN (as needed) position at Baptist Medical Center Beaches because it allows me to help out the other clinical RDs when they need time off work. This gives me only a handful of days each month to put on my clinical dietitian hat but because the human body is so amazing, I always learn something new, every time I see patients in the hospital. This week I worked Mon, Tues, Wed (on call only), Thurs and Fri so it was really nice to follow patients all week and to spread some good health and cheer to those who were not well during this time of the year. But of course, being a clinical RD requires a lot of brain power so that leaves little energy in the evening for blogging.

Delicious tempeh and broccoli stir fry with quinoa:
Marinara sauce
1. Cooked tempeh in a little olive oil.
2. Steam broccoli and mushrooms.
3. Cook quinoa
4. Combine the veggies and tempeh and then for your serving, 1/2 - 1 cup quinoa on top of your veggie mix. Stir in marinara sauce to taste and enjoy!

Nothing beats a morning run followed by strength (or any workout) to make you appreciate a healthy body.
I did some dynamic stretching after warming up on the elliptical for 20 minutes and then hit the treadmill for some intervals.
Main set 6xs:
4 min @ half marathon pace w/ 1 min EZ recovery (straddle treadmill)
Strength work included circuits of monster walks (with band), Russian squats (holding dumbbell weight by chest), planks, single leg step ups on bench, side planks w/ leg lifts, leg drops and super mans. Many of the exercises are included in my 5-week Transition plan.

In the evening, Karel and I celebrated our Czech holiday dinner and finished it with some cookies (sent with love from Karel's mom in Czech) and watching Campy destroy his new toys.

After sleeping in and waking up without an alarm, we hit the road around 9am for a very hard 3:15hr ride. Karel really made me work hard on his wheel, alongside the wind that was at our face for the ride home.
Main set 2x's:
4 x 8 min (Z3 low, Z3 mid, Z3 upper, Z4 low - for each of the 8 minutes - using power) w/ 2 min EZ after each one (we took an extra 4 minutes recovery after #3 before we did Z4 low).
My power is very similar to Karel's power when I stay on his wheel so I was able to suffer right behind him during these intervals.
After the 40 minute set, we recovered for about 20 minutes riding in steady Z2 and then repeated the set.

Before work, and after an interval run (Main set for 30 minutes, 2 min half marathon pace, 1 min "fast", 1 min EZ for 30 minutes), I did a segment on News4Jax on "Plates Not Pills - eat your vitamins"


Karel joined me for a swim and we did a great main set:
Main set 3x's:
200 @ 85% effort, rest 30 sec.
4 x 50's w/ 10 sec rest, focusing on form, build to fast.
Rest as needed, then repeat 2 more times.
After our 3500 yrd swim we did an intense core/hip/glute workout for 20 min and then it was off to the hospital for me.....Karel had a RETUL bike fit scheduled later that morning.

Yummy morning oats (after pre swim snack, post swim snack)
1/2 cup dry oats
frozen peaches and strawberries
Cashews and almonds
1 tbsp chia seeds
Water for mixing

Campy is so nice...he let Madison sleep in his bed and roughed it up on the couch. 

Well, there you go....busy, healthy and happy.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!