No excuses - home and back at it!

Well, that's a wrap from the Oakley Women ambassadors, Shawn Parkin and Sweat Pants media. Photos, how-to videos, product reviews, recipes and so much more all accomplished in two days. 

Thank you Oakley Women for another amazing experience to share my knowledge on nutrition and triathlons. There's nothing more motivating and inspiring than being around so many fitness enthusiastic, passionate, hard working and motivated women. 

With a few upcoming exciting months ahead for Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, I was ready to get home on Wednesday (1/22) to get back to the normal routine. 


4:45am West Coast wake-up call. 
4:00pm East Coast arrival
5:45-7:15pm swim practice with Karel at UNF
3700 yards
Main set:
8 x 150's on 2:45 (middle 50 fast)

8:30pm - reunite with my furry BFF and enjoy a warm bowl of soup with Karel. 

1 can tomato basil soup + 1 can water in large pot
Add 1/2 bag edamame (out of the pod)
1/2 package mushrooms (chopped and washed)
2 large handfuls kale

After cooking covered for ~20 minutes on low-med heat (stirring at 10 minutes to combine) pour your portion into your soup bowl and top with 1 tbsp nutritional yeast and a pinch of shredded cheese. 
I missed my kitchen!!

This morning's workout:
1:30 trainer bike (new stem on bike - thanks Karel!) + 35 minute run (wearing my new pure flow Brooks running shoes)

20 min warm-up + 5 sets of single leg drills (1 min each leg, then 1 minute both)
Main set:
1 min ON/OFF
2 min ON/OFF
3 min ON/OFF
5 min ON/OFF
4 min ON/OFF
On was Z4 low with 90+ rpm cadence
rest of the ride steady.

Treadmill run off the bike (our complex gym)
10 min warm-up
Main set:
5 x 3 min @ half ironman race pace w/ 30 sec rest (straddle treadmill)
5 min steady
walk cool down