Staying balanced in my busy life

The work is done. 
In 11 days Karel and I get to show off months of training in St. Croix. for our half ironman distance triathlon and our first of three key races of the season. 

Although we both feel strong and prepared for this race, this recent half ironman journey has not been without obstacles. Thankfully, no injuries or sicknesses to battle but instead, a lot of major life changes. 

In 19 days we will be moving 6.5 hours north to Greenville SC. After spending my life in Lexington KY and then the last 10 years  in Florida, migrating from Ft. Lauderdale to Clearwater to Dunedin to Jacksonville, we are turning a page in our book of life and starting a new chapter as we grow the Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition business. We have SO many exciting things planned but we just have to get through this little thing called moving first! 

Life is absolutely amazing and I never want to waste a moment. But I know I am not alone that even though I love so much about life, sometimes life presents moments that I ask myself "really, now?"

How many times in the last few months or perhaps even in the past few weeks have you believed in Murphy's law. 
"If anything can go wrong, it will"

Because Karel and myself are balancing on a very thin tightrope lately, I wanted to share a few of my tips as to how I try to stay balanced in an extremely busy and active life as an endurance triathlete and small business owner. 

1. I have a weekly plan for all workouts that fits my current lifestyle. My training is also flexible.
2. I respect my body when it's tired or fatigued
3. I never sacrifice sleep. I get good night of sleep most nights of the week. I don't set an alarm at least once a week. 
4. I love my whole-food diet but I also do not have an off-limit food list.
5. I always use sport nutrition during my workouts and real-food before/after workouts
6. I plan meals ahead and whenever possible, prep ahead (I love my oven!) 
7. I never bash my body if I don't have the perfect workout. I accept whatever I can do for that day knowing there will always be tomorrow.
8. I am not afraid of workouts and I don't worry if I "don't have it" for that workout. I love to exercise so I give an effort when I get started and then find a way to give my best effort for that day. 
9. I take advantage of every moment to stretch/recover, I don't set a schedule for this, I just make myself do it.
10. I try to see the positive in every situation, as much as possible. I try not to waste energy on things out of my control. 
11. I surround myself with positive and energy giving individuals.
12. I communicate with Karel a lot and share everything with him. We live together, work together, train together and eat together. We are around each other almost every hour of every day most days but I still believe in effective communication.
13. There's always time for Campy for he never complains. He has the best life ever!
14. The outdoors makes me happy. I love being outside, even if it's just for a walk. 
15. I am motivated by my goals but do not dwell on the past. I enjoy giving my best for every day. 
16. I love making to-do lists. If I don't see what I need to do, then I feel overwhelmed thinking about all the things I need to do. I prioritize my list and then get excited when I cross things off my list. 
17. I love to travel. It is a special way to enjoy another culture or to experience a different way of living. Traveling exposes to me to new foods, sights and people and I feel this helps me live a better quality life. 
18. My health never takes a back seat. Sleep, real food and daily movement keep me healthy and allow me to function well in life...now and hopefully for the future as well. 
19. I love my family, my close friends and my athletes (coaching and nutrition). For those in my life who do not do triathlons and those who live a similar busy and active lifestyle like my own, I enjoy sharing life with everyone. 
20. I'll be honest. I put a lot on my daily plate and I function better in life this way. I don't like having nothing to do, watching the clock or being bored. However, life is short and I do not want it to rush by too quickly. I enjoy slowing down in the evening with Karel and Campy and giving my mind and body a little time before bed to relax. If I asked for more time in every day, I'd likely fill it up so I just make the most of every hour to be as productive as possible and I never take a day for granted. 

Well, those are some of my tips as to how I stay balanced. I'm not perfect and I don't try to be. I get stressed, overwhelmed and there are plenty days in my life that I just can't balance everything. But, that's life. It's not perfect and we don't have to be either.