Talking Sport Nutrition at Run In

Where: Run In
When: December 8th
What time: 5:45-7:30

 It is within the daily diet AND what you eat before, during and after workouts that can help you gain the competitive edge. You can be the hardest working and most passionate athlete out there but if you don't eat right or constantly tell 
yourself that something needs to change but never change anything, you will never reach your full potential.

Taking pride in your fueling and eating strategy throughout the day can help boost performance, assist in recovery, prolong fatigue, keep the immune system healthy, help you maintain a healthy body composition and reduce risk for illness/disease and injury.

No matter what your fitness goal may be or your workout routine, your diet is more than calories in and calories out. You must learn how to eat for fuel.

If you are tired of making the same mistakes over and over with your fueling/eating strategy during training and racing or are looking for new tips to take your fitness to the next level, come join me on December 8th at Run In at 5:45pm. I will be discussing the following topics:

-Top foods that athletes should and should not eat before workouts/races to minimize GI distress (for triathletes and runners)
-How to fuel more efficiently on the bike to set your body up for a stronger run off the bike. (for triathletes)
-Learn the easiest way to fuel your body during running that will make it much easier to meet fluid, calorie and electrolyte needs. (for runners, triathletes and run fitness enthusiast)
-Recovery nutrition will no longer be your missing link. You will learn a few easy and simple ways to kick start the repairing and refueling process after every type of workout (for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts)
-See the top foods that every athlete should include in his/her diet. (for all athletes)
-Stop chasing a body image. This entire presentation is dedicated to the athlete who wants to learn how to eat for fuel and for health in order to achieve optimal performance with a healthy and strong body that can perform well in training and racing. (for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts)

What else can you look forward to at this event?
Athletes will learn, meet other triathletes/runners/fitness enthusiasts in the Greenville community, try a yummy snack from Veronica's Health Crunch and will get a 20% discount off ALL sport nutrition products

Thank you Veronica's Health Crunch for providing a yummy and healthy snack for my sport nutrition talk on Monday at Run In
It's only fair that if I'm talking about food my audience of athletes shouldn't be hungry!

In case you missed it, here's my delicious refueling yogurt parfait. Thanks Oakley Women for letting me share my nutrition tips for creating the perfect recovery meal.