2015 Food Trends for Athletes

Are you just now getting comfortable with incorporating quinoa, kale, sprouted bread and avocado in your diet?
Are you a master at making smoothies and overnight oats?
Have you found yourself looking for spiral-based vegetable recipes (ex. spiraled zucchini), looking into bullet-proof coffee and eating way too much cauliflower these days?

Well, it's a new year so that means more new food trends are on the horizon!

Triathletes as a group aren't shy about riding the food trend bandwagon. Thanks to social media, it’s very easy to be in the loop on the the top products our friends are using to gain that competitive edge. Unlike the sports nutrition companies that are heavily interested in developing performance-boosting products however, most food companies do not target triathletes as their key consumers.

That doesn’t mean that triathletes are oblivious to the latest trendy foods, of course. If your diet regularly includes quinoa, MTC oil, smoothies, beet juice, kale, bacon, chia seeds, oats, avocados, gluten-free bread and almond milk, you've probably been influenced by food trends at some point in the last two years.  
As someone who monitors the sports nutrition landscape closely, here are a few of my food trend predictions for 2015—coming to an Instagram feed near you.
Whether a food is backed by scientific research or is heavily discussed on food-centric blogs, when it comes to following the dietary trends of triathletes, you should never lose sight of what nutrition is all about, which is fueling and nourishing the body and emphasizing functional foods which have a purpose in the body.