Beat pre-race anxiety with these 8 tips

I consider myself extremely lucky. 
I just happen to have a sport psychologist/mental skills coach as my best friend.
Gloria and I may live on opposite coasts but our friendship continues to grow year after year. 

Gloria emailed me before my 2nd Ironman World Championship in 2011 and I could feel her positive energy through the internet. From one email she was a stranger who instantly became a close friend. From a simple email, our friendship began.. I knew she had a gift of knowing how to say the right thing at the right time and she has helped me season after season, year after year, in every one of my races. Her mental skills tricks and ability to verbalize what "we" as athletes think when we train and race is incredible.
Ultimately, Gloria knows how to unleash great performances and it all starts with having a stronger, better, healthier mindset when it comes to training. 

Karel and I have coached Gloria and her hubby on and off over the past few years for various races and Gloria even joined me in Kona for the 2013 IM World Championship. 

Gloria and her hubby Ken have a furry child named Frida who looks just like Campy. 
Miss Frida!
Hopefully one day she will be able to meet her boyfriend Campy. 

You can find out more about Gloria on her website but you can also check her out in her recent contribution to Men's Fitness Magazine. 

8 ways to beat pre-race anxiety

In this article, the following topics/tips are discussed:
Just Breathe
Talk to yourself
Trust your training
Own your personal strengths
Embrace your nerves
Know your goal
Focus on what's in front of you
Be realistic