Happy National Running Day!!

When I swim, I feel like a kid.
When I bike, I feel strong. 
When I run, I feel free. 

But as Karel use to say in his cycling days "why would you run if you can ride a bike???"

In honor of National Running Day, I wanted to share a few of my personal thoughts on running. 

I like to run but I don't love to run. 
But I LOVE being a triathlete. 

My training plan includes swimming, biking and running so in order to excel in triathlons, I have to put in the time/miles for running just like I do for cycling and swimming. 

Running is hard on the body. It causes injuries, it's easy to overtrain and it can bring on fatigue, sickness and health issues. 
There are so people who love to run and constantly say that it feels amazingly great to run....

But for me, I don't feel comfortable calling myself "a runner".
I am a triathlete. I have great joy for swimming, biking and running off the bike. 

I run because I am a triathlete.
And I'm ok with the fact that I don't love to run. 

Running is not easy on my body. It requires a lot of behind-the-scene work like strength training, mobility work, walking within a run, mental toughness and focus. I have to run frequently to keep my body in good health but not too much (or too little) for my risk of injury increases. 

If you want to be healthy and fit, you do not have to be a runner. You don't have to train for a marathon, you don't have to do an Ironman...heck, you don't even need to race in a 5K. 
There are so many different activities that you can do to stay healthy, fit and happy. 

But let's be honest - running is a great sport and physical activity and it really does make the body feel good when the run is over. You can do it anywhere, you can do it all year long, you can do it with others and you can do it at any age. 

If you are someone who doesn't love to run but you do it anyways, I'll share my secret as to why I keep running. 

Because I feel free. 

When I run and my body is in good health. I have tremendous gratitude for my body. 
Running allows me to explore, be close to nature, to dig deep and to really appreciate how incredible the human body can be in motion. 

Every time I run, I give thanks to my body for not failing me. So many metabolic and physical processes working together to keep me moving forward. I appreciate my lungs, muscles, organs, brain, tissues, tendons and joints with every foot strike. 

In honor of National Running Day, my message to you is to always love what you get to/choose to do with your amazing body. Whatever you reason is as to why you run, just make sure that you find a way, with every workout, to feel great joy, happiness and a since of freedom with your body in motion. 

I hope my body allows me to run for many more decades. When I run, I smile because I feel free. 

I may not love to run, but I sure do like to run.......

off the bike :) 

But I do know someone who LOVES to run...it's my furry 12-lb sidekick Campy!