Be prepared for any and all race conditions

Ask any coach and they likely would agree that it is easy to write workouts to help get an athlete into great physical shape before race day.
But performing on race day is another story.
No training plan can confidently prepare an athlete for the uncontrollables that happen on race day. 

As it relates to the many (and I mean MANY) conditions that we can experience on race day, being physically prepared is just a portion of what it requires to have a great race.

It is so true that "whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right."

I've seen and heard far too many athletes bring doubt to a race just because race-day conditions are not ideal. And more than just doubt, there's anxiety, stress, anger, frustration and even the mindset that race day will be a horrible experience. 

If you are an athlete who races outdoors, you will find yourself racing in conditions that are not ideal for a PR race. You may even find yourself having to adjust your race plan all together just to manage your effort with the conditions (not racing to your potential) and to just simply finish the race. 

There will be very cold race day mornings. 

There will be rain on your course. 

And there will be windy, hot and humid conditions. 

If you approach every race with the mindset that the conditions have to be "perfect" for you to have a great race, I'll say it right now that you may never have your "perfect" race. 

You can continue to race on the fastest courses with the fastest gear and the best fitness behind you but there is a great chance that there will be something to overcome on race day that will not make your race day conditions "perfect". And with these conditions, you will have to adjust your plan. 

So, with the right mental and physical preparations, I believe that every athlete has the potential for success on race day. You can have that perfect race even with conditions that are not ideal.

Even in rain, cold or with a cancelled swim, someone is going to get on the podium, someone will earn his/her Kona slot and someone will qualify for another race. 

Great race performances happen to the athletes who are able to handle what is thrown at them on race day and adjust.
Do you want a great performance on race day?

I'm very excited to share this article from Ironman.com that Gloria and I worked on earlier this summer.

We cover topics such as:

Cold conditions
Windy conditions
Rainy conditions
A new race
A modified course
A cancelled race

Have you dealt with these conditions/scenarios on/before race day?
How did you deal with them?

Check out some of our tips so that you can feel physically and mentally prepared and in control of any challenge that comes your way on race day.

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