Daily eats - food is fuel!

 No surprise.
Food is a BIG part of our life right now.
With so much sport nutrition being consumed during workouts, every meal is focused on nourishing our body with real food. 
Here are a few of my daily eats today....

With two workouts on the training plan today (70 min AM run - strong up hills, everything else steady. 4200 PM swim. MS 12 x 200's desc 1-3), I find no trouble in consuming nutrition before my workouts. Never do I train without a pre-workout snack.
Pre workout nutrition made simple for your busy life and your gut. 

Choose your low residue carbohydrate base (from left to right: pita, wasa, banana, saltines, rice cake) and then dress it up with additional carbs from syrup, honey, raisins or dates. For longer workouts or more time to digest, add a little nut butter or cream cheese. 

This works great for early morning workouts as well as evening workouts. 

I'm not big on food rules but you owe it to your health to eat a salad a day.
I love my lunchtime salad. The crunch, texture and variety in a salad does the body good, half way through the day.
Be creative with your salads. A plant strong meal should be nourishing and satisfying with a balance of colorful veggies, healthy fats, animal or plant proteins and a starch or grain.

This salad contained a mix of couscous, quinoa, corn, chickpeas and onions on top mixed dark leafy greens, tomatoes and avocado.
Sometimes I get a wee bit excited with my ingredients when I make my salads. 

And for dinner this evening - an overflowing "breakfast" pita. 
First I sauteed leeks, cooked split peas (leftover from last  night), garlic and sliced baby tomatoes in a pan and then added scrambled eggs (2 whole eggs + 3 egg whites - Karel had this dish too so we split this portion) and topped with cheese. I scrambled it all in the pan with olive oil and then stuffed my pita. 

No matter what level athlete you are, I invite you to see food for fuel.
The better you eat, the greater the chance that you have that your body will stay in good health. And with a body in good health, the better and more consistently you can train.