IM Kona '15: Day 2

4:45am - time to start the day! Although we woke up early without an alarm, it was a restful night with 8 hours of good sleep.

The great part about waking up early here in Kona and being on Hawaiin time (6 hours behind EST) is being able to get some work done before the sun comes up.

After a little bit of work on the computer, a phone call to an athlete and a pre-workout snack (and coffee), Karel and I were ready for our morning workout.

We first started with a 45 minute very EZ spin on the run course so that Karel could see the out and back section on Ali'i drive and then we grabbed our run gear in the condo and dropped off our bikes and did a short dynamic warm-up in our parking lot. We walked to Ali'i drive and started our run. 

We warmed up together (well kinda together - me running a bit behind Karel) with 30 minutes of running w/ 30 sec walk each mile. After the warm-up, we turned around and started the main set.

4 x 5 min (desc 1-4) w/ 15 sec walk in between

Then cool down

After the run workout, it was time to take a few pictures and enjoy our view.

We finished at the pier and Karel snapped a pic with 2014 Ironman World Champion Sebatian Kienle. 

After our run workout, we had a recovery drink in the condo, then breakfast and chillaxed for a little before heading out to the Kona Aquatic Center around 1pm for a short swim. 

My upper back was feeling a little off (it mostly bothers me when I swim) so I shorted the swim to a 2000 and didn't do our entire main set but Karel swam awesome in the water and finished with 3200 yards.
It was so great to swim (for free) at the aquatic center but nothing beats swimming in the ocean (aka Kona fish bowl). 

We have been enjoying our home cooked meals but local bread is a necessity for us - Daylight Mind coffee shop had fresh sourdough bread, just perfect for our carb loving diet. 

After our post workout meal/lunch at our condo, we got ready for a trip 9 miles up the mountain to visit Mountain Thunder for a coffee tour. We tasted fresh local organic coffee and walked away with two bags (we couldn't resist!).

After our 4pm tour, we headed back to the condo and made some dinner around 6pm. 

Karel made this delicious cabbage salad with carrots, tomatoes, onions, dates and avocado dressing  as well as pasta (with chicken for Karel). 

It was a busy day but we are really enjoying our race-cation and trying to make the most of this awesome experience together. 

Oh, and one more thing...
Happy World Vegetarian Day / Vegetarian Awareness Month to all my vegetarian followers and friends!!!!
For over 2/3rds of my life, since the age of 10, I have thrived, survived, fueled, nourished and enjoyed a plant-strong diet.
For 23 years, I have always been proud to call myself a vegetarian and plant strong athlete.

In honor of World Vegetarian Day, I invite you to make some swaps and/or additions in your meal and snack options and incorporate more real, wholesome and nutrient dense options into your diet. Your body will thank you now and in the future.