3 super easy appetizers

Getting together with friends and making new friends is so much fun, especially when food is involved.
I love being inspired by new creations, flavors and recipes when I eat outside my home and I saw my past "Girls night, appetizer night" as a great opportunity to yum over new creations. 

I brought cucumber bites (pic above) with fresh sliced tomato and part-skim mozzarella cheese (and a sprinkle of salt) on top. I absolutely love the crunch of cucumber with the savory taste of mozarella. It's been a go-to pre-meal snack for me lately. 

Here are two other appetizers from the evening: 

How cute are these Santa kabobs?? Perfect for kiddos - and adults who love to say "awww" when they eat.
Grapes, banana, strawberries and a marshmallow on top. 

And these apricot, feta cheese and pistachio bites excited my taste buds.
I just love dried apricots and the added crunch of pistachios along with the salty punch of feta was amazing. 

Not pictured was a delicious banana, cinnamon, almond butter, oat and egg baked "cookie". I guess I forgot to take a picture when I was yumming!