Clermont, FL....here we come!

 It seems like it was just December and I was in the initial process of preparing for our 2016 Trimarni Clermont Training camp.

I know our campers are just as excited as we are to start 4-days of intentional training overload.

Our campers will be training over 4 hours every day with 3 workouts each day. There's just enough time between workouts to eat and rest.

Our campers know what they are in for at a Trimarni training camp - it's the perfect mix of fun, education and challenging workouts.
We will be stretching some comfort zones over the next 3 days.

And to conclude the training camp, every Trimarni camper will be racing (yes, racing) the Great Clermont Triathlon (Olympic distance) on Sunday. We included the race into our training camp last year and it was a perfect opportunity for our athletes to incorporate the many skills that they learned at camp and to execute without the pressure to finish with a specific time or place goal.

I will be updating the Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Facebook page with pictures throughout our  camp and hopefully, my blog as well. You can stay up to date with our camp on social media by searching for the hashtags #Trimarni #Trimarni camp or follow on Facebook. 

Here are a few pics from our trip to Jacksonville, FL and then to Clermont, FL

Sweet snack on the road before lunch on Monday in route to Jacksonville, FL.

Late afternoon snack at Native Sun Jax.

Karel doing a pre-race tune up on our friend's bike at Open Road Bicycles. Karel is always in high demand with his expert bike mechanic and bike fit skills, even when we travel. 

Palm trees - it's been a while (I still love my mountains more than the beach)

But I really love outdoor swimming - anywhere!
Thanks Trimarni athlete and friend Adam for taking us to the perfect pool for our 4700 yard morning swim on Tuesday - and for joining us for some fun in the water!

Mix and match lunch from Publix grocery store as we made last leg of our trip from Jax to Clermont.
Karel got a Publix sub. 

After unloading our packed car, Karel and I needed to relax our tight legs from all the traveling. We enjoyed a 1:45 ride around the lake and on the Olympic race course. After two years of riding in Greenville, SC, the Clermont hills are getting flatter and flatter. :) 

After we cleaned up from our ride, we made a quick grocery store shop at Publix and then it was finally time to eat and call it a day.
I had a stuffed pita w/ mixed greens and arugula w/ chopped Cabot cheese and hummus, and a side of baby carrots and cottage cheese. 

Karel had "brinner" (Breakfast for Dinner) which consisted of oats, strawberries and almond butter (mixed with milk) and a side of eggs and ham with fresh bread (from Native Sun) w/ butter.