Boston Marathon reflection

It's hard to believe that 10 years ago I was waking up in a Boston hotel room, getting ready to run my 2nd marathon. 
And not just any marathon, THE Boston Marathon. 

As a swimmer, turned runner and then turned triathlete, I didn't fully appreciate the magnitude of being an athlete who had qualified to run in the Boston Marathon.
After I ran the Miami Marathon in 2005 (my first marathon) in a time of 3:38, a friend told me "You Boston qualified!"
No joke, I said "What's Boston?"

It took me a few minutes for it to come to me that I had qualified for the Boston Marathon. It was not a goal of mine as my #1 goal was just to finish my first marathon. The thought of running 26.2 miles was so daunting for my swimmer turned runner body who had never ran more than 6 miles before training for 6 months for my first marathon.

Fast forward to April 2006......
I remember giving my parents a hug and getting on a school bus to be dropped off in Hopkinton with the other thousands and thousands and thousands other runners. It was a long never-ending drive but we finally arrived. I can't remember the weather (I think it was a bit chilly for my Florida body) but I do remember that I was nervous and overwhelmed with all the fast runners around me. 

I had studied the course but the unknown of running on the course was leaving me ancy as I waited and waited and waited for hours until we finally were able to corral at the start line. 

I can remember bits and pieces of the race and my inexperienced body and mind was just taking it all in.
It was everything I thought it would be and more.
I didn't start my blog until the following year so I have no race report to document my Boston Marathon experience. 

I earned my Boston Marathon finisher medal and this race will never be forgotten. Although I am triathlete now, this race will always hold a special place in my heart.
I learned what my body is capable of doing and since then, I have stayed performance-focused, willing to test my limits and work for bigger dreams and goals. 

My dad surprised me with my request of "something salty and sweet" after the marathon. 

To every runner who dreams to run in the Boston Marathon and to those who are running this year (or next), don't forget to thank your body, for all 26.2 miles.
You are so lucky to have a body that allows you to run so fast for so long.
Don't take your running freedom for granted.