Are you seeking help?

Do you find yourself using forums to gather advice on yourself when you are vulnerable and in need of help?

Did you ever consider that the people giving you advice are strangers, knowing nothing about you, your life, your struggles, your needs, your journey and your goals?

While forums can be a great place to learn, don't just seek help from anyone. There's an expert out there who is a professional, trained to help you with your individual needs.

Often times, when a question is asked on a forum, there are dozens, if not hundreds of responses, from all types of people. The same goes for articles and information on the internet.
While some information may be valuable and credible, it becomes very difficult to decipher between all the "this works for me" advice vs. what will work best for you.
Rather than getting a concise or clear "right" answer, you end up more confused and overwhelmed than before you asked your one question.

Be careful and very wary when seeking advice on forums (or the internet) as the information or feedback that you are given may be incorrect, incomplete or biased.

As a guideline for athletes, you should not use forums as the main outlet for the following:

-Treating or diagnosing a health condition, illness (health or mental) or injury
-Correcting or fixing your biomechanics (or form/posture/position) when training/exercising
-Dialing in your personalized daily diet and/or fueling approach
-Changing equipment or gear mid-season (or during peak training)

If you have a concern, struggle, issue or limiter in a specific area, consult with a professional (who specializes in the field of your question) that will help you understand what will work best for you and can give ongoing feedback throughout your journey.

So there lies another question.

How do you find the right professional or "expert" to help you out? 

In my next blog, I will talk about how to find the right professional to help you in your individual journey.