Holiday gifts for the athlete in your life

For some people, it's extremely easy to find the perfect holiday gift. But for athletes, gift giving may be tough because it seems as if they have everything that they need to live a healthy and active lifestyle and to succeed in sport.

You may be scratching your head right now thinking, what more could she/he possibly need?

Oh don't worry. Your athlete in your life can always find something that he/she needs.

Here are some of my ideas for the athlete in your life who you think has everything he/she needs:

Bluetooth Earphones - 
Athletes love music when training. Wireless earphones are great as you remove the cord, that often gets tangled on clothes (or other equipment). Although headphones are great for traveling, earphones are light, resilient and built for exercise.

Portable kitchen equipment - There's probably a good chance that your athlete has everything he/she needs at home in the kitchen, like a coffee pot (or espresso machine) and blender. But let's not forget that athletes travel for races and proper pre-race fueling may require a home-away-from-home kitchen. A portable blender, an electric kettle, a French Press and maybe even a skillet may come in handy in a hotel room that is limited to a hotel coffee maker. Don't forget the dinnerware set.

Magazine subscription/books - This seems like an obvious but there are always new health, fitness, nutrition and motivational books available and you'd be surprised how many athletes don't subscribe to all their favorite health and fitness magazines (there's a lot out there!). It's best to ask around to your athlete's like-minded friends/training partners for recommendations. For the runners/triathletes, I recently heard about The Road to Sparta by Dean Karnazes which sounds really interesting. You can learn more about the book here.

New clothing/gear - Athletes can always use new gear. Unless you know exactly the clothing (or shoe) brand and size that works best for your athlete, it's best to give a gift certificate for online or a local store (whichever your athlete prefers). Also, if you can't remember the name of which gadget model or bike part that your athlete mentioned that she/he wanted, you can also consider a fun gift certificate reading "Your next gadget/hydration belt/bike part is on me!" Although you may think that your athlete has everything, he/she may need a new swim bag, pair of pool/gym shower sandals, medal hanging rack, resistance band set or a restock on his/her favorite sport nutrition products.

Fun clothing - Athletes are proud to be athletes and they are also proud to be health and fitness minded. Your athlete may love a fun exercise inspired shirt or a fun pair of socks. Although a bit more serious, jewelry is also a thoughtful gift, as many athletes like to wear something that reminds them of their self-identity as an athlete. I know for myself, I love local jewelry, mantra bands or jewelry that supports a cause.

Meal delivery service - Athletes are busy and it can be tough to find the time to shop, prep, cook and even eat a meal, especially in the evening after a long and exhausting day. Let's not forget to mention when your athlete is also a parent, which takes being busy to the extreme. Whereas once a meal delivery service was seen as a weight-loss method (or diet plan), now a days, many athletes are opting for a quicker and more convenient method to prepare healthy meals with healthy ingredients, especially in a time-constrained and rushed lifestyle. There are many meal delivery services out there, which also cater to specific diets. The great thing about a meal delivery service is that it doesn't have to be used long term. This gift is perfect for the athlete who finds that there's always the occasional week each month that is incredibly busy, peak training when your athlete struggles to gather enough energy to cook or finds him/herself in a food rut and needs inspiration.

The experience - It's likely that your athlete already has a practical training environment at home (or has a gym membership). The great thing about athletes is that they love to be active.....anywhere. And they also love the experience of being an athlete. Consider giving your athlete a memorable experience like a planned weekend train-cation trip or to the mountains/beach to explore new sights and routes. How about a yoga retreat (if your athlete is into that), a massage package, a few house cleaning services, VIP treatment at an upcoming race/event, an all-day hike adventure, bike tour, a training camp, a Retul bike fit or a cooking class? You probably know what your athlete likes so instead of buying more gear for your athlete, treat him/her to a memorable experience that she/he will never forget.
(Consider a pet-friendly train-cation as your athlete may want to bring his/her furry four legged friend along for the trip!)