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Affordable holiday gifts for the health conscious athlete

For a health conscious athlete, it can be tough to find that perfect holiday gift that supports an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether your friend/family member appears as if he/she already has everything training/nutrition/cooking/gear related or you are stumped finding that special present that caters to caters to a healthier lifestyle, I have a few affordable gift options that may just do the trick (and when you purchase a gift from these companies, you are also supporting small/growing businesses).

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. 
Price: $22.49

If your health conscious athlete likes to cook (or eat healthy), there's probably a good chance that your special athletic someone already has the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook. Although the next version of this cookbook will not be released until August 2018, surprise your friend/family member with a pre-order the cookbook so that he/she will be the first to try out the new recipes (for hangry athletes) next summer. 

Mg12 Sport 
Price: $9.95-$13.95 (athletic bundle $45.95)
Discount code: Trimarni

Every athlete is bound to have sore muscles after an intense or long workout or race. Niggles and aches are just part of the territory as it relates to training for an event. But aches and niggles are not limited to athletes as any fitness enthusiast will agree that it's no fun dealing with pain.

Mg12 Sport Balm (along with the roll on and salts) have played an important role in my training over the past two years. When I first approached and introduced to Mg12, I was a bit skeptical of another pain relieving cream but after reviewing the ingredient list and seeing the quality of ingredients, along with trying out the product and experiencing instant feedback that the magnesium cream was easy to apply with no strong odor or greasy/sticky after effect, I was hooked on the product. I use the balm before every workout and then I rub on any sore spots before I got to bed. I highly recommend supporting Mg12 as they are a small company but they have created something extra special in the pain-relieving category for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Price: $12.99-$26.99
Discount code: trimarni

Ingredients matter to me and the products that I support, recommend and use. When I was approached by Amrita, I was pleased to see the delicious flavors of minis and bars as well as the quality ingredients in each product. As I nibbled my way through each flavor, I was delighted that the taste and consistency matched my expectations. Certified non-GMO, kosher, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, vegan, high protein (plant based), no artificial flavors or sugar alcohols - each Amrita product will please the taste buds of your friend/training partner/family member who has dietary restrictions or is looking for a guilt-free, nutritious and healthy indulgence.

Price: $6.50-$27 (12  x 8 ounce bottles)
Discount: Trimarnicoach30

You've probably heard that there are many benefits of tart cherry juice. Well, Cheribundi has your needs covered with a wide range of products. With powerful health benefits, all Cheribundi products are natural, not from concentrate and made in the USA. We have experimented with the regular cherry juice, rebuild and relax and have been pleased with the taste and effects. As you may have seen, Karel and I will often bring a Cheribundi rebuild with us to a race to immediately consume post race to help with the muscle damage that occurred during a race. I also enjoy sipping on the tart cherry juice after an intense workout. Karel has found the relax drink to help him fall asleep during peak training blocks and before a race. This makes for a perfect gift for your athlete-in-training. 

Price: $7.50-$21.50
Discount: Trimarni2017

If you love trail mix like I do, you will love Veronica's Health Crunch. A healthy alternative to many processed sugar-filled snacks, Veronica has been a long time Trimarni supporter, ever since she approached us about her "idea" to make hand-made, all natural trail mix varieties for active individuals. And now with three delicious flavors (the cinnamon apple cranberry is my favorite), you can feel great about this healthy meets delicious product while supporting Veronica's small business. Perfect for traveling, snacking or a topping to oatmeal, yogurt or pancakes/waffles, you must believe me when I say that this crunch is so tasty that you won't stop yumming with every bite.

Lastly, here are a few good reads available for athletes/triathletes:

The art of triathlon by Dirk Bockel - $27.99

Fast track athlete by Matt Dixon
- $13.56

The brave athlete by Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson - $16.96

How bad do you want it by Matt Fitzgerald - $12.88