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Do you need fuel during a sprint triathlon?

When you think of a "sprint" you may imagine feeling out-of-breath with an uncomfortable lactic acid burn, going as hard and fast as possible for a very short period of time (perhaps 10-60 seconds). Although the intensity at which you race a sprint triathlon dictates how much you will suffer, a sprint triathlon is not technically a "short" race when it may take you over 60 minutes to complete the swim/bike/run distance.

I find that many triathletes, especially newbies, assume that a "sprint" triathlon does not require the need for calories or fluids during the race because the race is completed in a quick amount of time. While you can complete the distance sans sport nutrition and you won't fully deplete your glycogen stores enough to sabotage your performance, ingesting carbs during a sprint triathlon may still give you the competitive edge. 

You can learn more about my nutrition/fueling strategies and tips for performing at your best in a sprint distance triathlon in the January/February 2018 issue of Triathlete Magazine, Pg. 47.
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And while we are talking about sprint triathlons, I'll share a throwback to my very first sprint triathlon circa 2004......


And now today.......still smiling, thanking my body and enjoying the journey.