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Hello from St. George!!

Our travel day started super early with a 4am alarm. Campy was not too excited about his disrupted sleep, not to mention the fact that he figured out that he wasn't coming with us. I kept reminding him that "grandma" would be getting him later in the morning but he didn't appreciate the situation.

We arrived to the GSP airport around 5:15am and as usual, I dropped Karel off with the luggage + bike cases and I went to park the car in economy parking.

We typically fly Delta but I found a great deal on Southwest and with only $75 bike fees (per bike), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to fly Southwest. The check-in went smoothly and we were at our gate by 6am (I love our small airport).

Flight one was uneventful as Karel and I took a short nap and before we knew it, we were in Atlanta. With a two-hour layover, we had enough time to do some airport walking and get breakfast. I try to always get layovers at least 90 minutes when we travel with our bikes to give our bikes time to get to the next plane.

I ordered a delicious egg and cheese sandwich with fresh fruit (instead of hasbrowns - for $1 more) and Karel had a yummy egg dish with potatoes....and a tiny bite-sized croissants. Karel loves his croissants and he was extra disappointed in this measly ball of dough. I guess he will need to wait seven more weeks when we head off to Europe, for him to enjoy a real croissant. 

Flight #2 to Las Vegas was around 4 hours and once again, was uneventful. Karel purchased the internet for $8 so he could get some work done on Training Peaks and I spent the entire flight working on a big project that is taking up a big chunk of my life right now but it helped to pass the time on the flight. I brought some snacks for the plane - a PB&J sandwich, Amrita bars and minis and a bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Although a super early wake-up call, it was nice to arrive to Las Vegas at around 11:15am PST. Karel waited for the bikes and luggage and I took the shuttle to get the rental car from Avis. We ended up with a Sante Fe Sport and unbelievably, all our stuff fit in the SUV!

Nearing 12:30pm when we finally got through Las Vegas traffic, we decided to stop for some food before our 2-hour drive to St. George. Karel spotted Chiptole so we enjoyed a sit-down lunch before continuing on with our travels. I yummed over a salad bowl with brown rice, black beans and tofu, topped with all the yummies and a few salty chips. 

During our drive, we listed to the Work, Play, Love podcast with Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman - I highly recommend it!

With the one-hour time change to mountain as we went from Nevada to Arizona to Utah, we arrived to our hotel a little before 4pm. We had a little rain on and off but nothing that prevented us from seeing the amazing rocks surrounding us as we got closer to St. George. The last 30 minutes of the drive from Las Vegas to St. George has some incredible views! We are going to be spoiled for the rest of the week with these magical rocks!

After checking in to our hotel (Best Western) and unloading the car, we headed off to the Washington Community Center pool for a short 1800 splash to loosen out from a day of sitting. The pool cost was only $5 a person and well worth it for active recovery after traveling.

WU: 600 swim
Pre set with buoy:
200, 150, 100,50, 50, 100, 150, 200

2 x 25's fast, 50 EZ, 50 fast, 2 x 25's easy

For dinner after our swim, I ordered take-out from Twisted Noodle Cafe so that we could eat some delicious food but while relaxing in bed in our hotel room. Karel ordered the Asian bowl with chicken and I ordered the quinoa vegetable salad with tofu. Both were extra yummy! 

It was a packed day to travel from Greenville to St. George but we are so happy to be back in the area. I'm so excited because tomorrow morning we will get on our bikes and ride some of the bike course! Thanks for following along with our race-cation adventures!