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How to pack your bike in a Scicon bag

It doesn't matter what type of bike case you have (cardboard, hard or soft), there's always a risk of your bike getting damaged when flying. Any triathlete or cyclist understands the stress, anxiety and worry of handing your bike off to the TSA and whether or not it will arrive to your final destination when you do AND in the same condition as when you packed it.

In total, we will be flying with our bikes a total of five times this year. So far, we traveled to Arizona for a train-cation, now St. George and then we have a trip to Europe (Prague/Klagenfurt/Znojmo), Wisconsin and Hawaii. Thankfully, I am married to an expert bike mechanic who takes great care of our bikes, all year long. Since we have flown a lot with our bikes, we've learned a lot as to the best ways to keep your bike in good condition (with many "lessons learned" along the way).

To help you out for your next bike-flying adventure, Karel made a video demonstrating the process of how he packs our bikes in our Scicon travel bags, as well as some of his top tips and suggestions to keep your bike safe in route to your final destination.