The Bad and the Good

The past couple days have been hard. Strictly speaking of wind and cycling, I am getting my butt kicked out there! Come on now, why do I get head wind in all directions!?! I am not one to complain so I'll look at it as GREAT Kona training. I don't really get mad at the head wind but I find myself laughing and wondering when I will get a break in the wind...NEVER I guess. I've been cycling a lot and feeling really strong. Aside from a little foot pain, I'm counting down the days until my first triathlon on sunday! I don't know why I am so excited for Subaru, but I'm totally ready to race! I can't wait to meet people as well.

Matt was tough on me this morning and I expected a hard workout in the pool. If it wasn't for the other 15 or so people in the pool, I probably wouldn't push myself as hard. Matt hasn't been too happy with me holding 1:30's for a 100 yrds, so he's been giving me crazy speed sets (grrrr) to work on my speed. But I must say that it is working. Today's set was 3x300 (#2 and #3 were with fins) and I was holding around 1:20's for the first 300 and I came in on 3:30 for the last 3oo (remember..with fins!). So now that I know I can hold 1:10 for a 100 with fins, maybe I can do that in Kona in 7 months???

I am super excited that I can announce my new sponsor....ZOOT! As the only clothing I feel comfortable racing in, I just LOVE the zoot clothing line. The first thing that sold me were the pockets in the cycling shorts...what a great idea! The wetsuits are just AMAZING and even the transition bag is great! check out http://www.zootsports.com/ or check out the current press release for Zoot http://www.xtri.com/features_display.aspx?riIDReport=3994&CAT=24&xref=xx.