My legs are trashed...

Good thing I just got my Starbucks tall carmel frapachino light or else I'd be fast asleep right now. Yesterday I rode with Karel as he was spinning his legs for an easy hour on the bike. I was going to do an hour with him and continue for a 2 hour ride but what a bummer, I got a flat. I'm always thankful when Karel is there cause he is changes flat tires faster than it takes me to pump up my tires! I was totally bummed about my tire because this was the 3rd flat I have gotten in 3 days of riding Seduza. Karel even put new tires and tubes on my bike but with bad luck following me I have had several opportunities to practice changing flats. I was so bothered by the flat tire that I decided to head home with Karel and go for a nice run. A longer run than I had planned but I was listening to my music and the time was passing by. I ended up with 10 miles of running and I was happy with my pace. I got a haircut on Friday and I must feel a lb. lighter and less hot because of my short haircut. I just love it! Last night karel took me out to an Italian restaurant and I had a yummy vegetarian pizza to get me carbo-loaded for a good weekend of training. This morning I was thankful that I had my buddy to join me for coffee at 5:30am as karel and I both got ready for a good morning of training. Karel joined some of the Gearlink guys for bridge repeaters and I was out for a solo 2:50 run. My legs felt tired at the beginning but around 45 minutes I was in my zone just feeling my music. The weather wasn't too bad even though I started my run around 6:45am. At around 2 1/2 hours, my legs were starting to hurt. No signs of bonking and again I kept my fuel belt filled with fluids, but my legs were getting tired. I kept my pace but all my weekly running really catches up to me on the weekends. After 19 miles of running, I jumped on my road bike and went for a nice 20 mile spin. I can run 19 miles and it goes by rather quickly but I'll tell ya..that 20 mile bike seems to take forever!! Maybe it is my 16 mph pace as I nicely spin my legs but when I get home after the ride I'm thankful that I recovered my legs. After my smoothie (thank you Karel!) I made myself a yummy breakfast w/ a slice of leftover pizza and an hour or so later it was time for Starbucks! A quick stop to see Karel at work and give him his mocha Frapachino and now I am home ready to crash.
I want to wish the Iron Girl competitors good luck this weekend in Columbia, MD and a special good luck to Angela (from BT) at the Tiberland 70.3 triathlon who I have been helping with her nutrition.
Have a great weekend everyone!