Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I'm busy. Studying, nutrition, working out, going to class, coaching/personal training. I'm some how doing it all but the weekends are going to be a blessing to my crazy schedule. Just to have two days of not having somewhere to go will really allow me to get a lot done. let's start with school. I have my first quiz on wed in medical terminology so I will be studying plenty over the next couple of days. The class is really interesting because I am learning how to break down words by their roots, suffixes and prefixes and figure out what the word means. Really cool to learn but SO many words to learn. I just received an email from the Dietetic program at UNC (University of Northern Colorado) where I am starting my online summer program. I will be taking nutrition courses online until I complete the classes I need to receive a dietetic degree. Afterwards I do the dietetic internship, then take the Registered Dietitian exam...and one day (hopefully in the near future) I will become a registered dietitian. I am so confident in my education, research and knowledge within sports nutrition but as our society goes, the more credentials the more you are taken seriously. And to achieve my dreams of being on the Today show, being on Ellen and writing a book.....I am willing to do as much as possible to keep on learning for life.
As for the other things I am doing, my nutrition consultations are really exploding. On beginner triathlete, I've been working with several athletes who are noticing dramatic changes in their body composition. Since I believe your best scale is the person you see in the mirror, it is a great thing to hear that my athletes clothes are falling off :) As for the locals that I am helping (through my website), there have been so many success stories that I couldn't be more excited to see how they perform this summer. I specialize in sports nutrition so I see food as fuel in order to perform. Therefore, I look at your diet and make changes in order to change the timing, quantity and sometimes food choices in order to use the right fuels at the right time.
Oh, and I am happy to say that I am running again...actually running! I am starting off around 7 mph on the treadmill (haven't taken it outdoors yet) and after around 10-20 minutes of speeding up the pace, I ended up todays workout with 6.5 miles and the last 5 minutes were at a comfortable 7.8 mph. I have taken the time to observe the things that have helped my almost completely heal with my leg (a little soreness every now and then...but sooo small!) and walking for 10 minutes before I run and doing hip and core exercises has helped a lot!
Well, I better get back to my stuff. I am finishing up a Gatorade Athlete of the Month Article for Triathlete magazine and guess I will study....after I watch Ellen :)