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A cold morning

I woke up to the mid-30's outside. Brrrr, another cold day. I know, we don't have snow, but wind, anything under 60-degrees and a Floridian is not a good combination. Karel and I are enjoying the cooler temps but it takes a little getting use to when we are training.
The run this morning was good. I slept in until 6:30 (ok, it was 6:20 when I finally decided to get up) and heade out at 7:30. I was suprised that I could run 1 hour and 33 minutes without water when dressed in long sleeves, my ear warmer/headband and gloves. By 20 minutes, I was a little warm but in no rush to take off the gloves. My music kept me going and I wasn't even thinking about my I was running.
I guess I was just enjoying the morning and thinking about the run on Thursday when I try to break my PR at the Outback Distance Classic.
Karel went to Hannah Park at Jacksonville beach at 8 this morning. But instead of mountain biking, Karel, and several other mountain bike riders in the area, cleaned up the trails and worked on trails that weren't being used. It was great that Karel gave back to the community and he didn't even have to think twice about missing training to help out.
I think I am finally warm and it is time to get started on some work. Not sure how much studying I will get done today but with only a few more weeks until finals, I need to keep up with my studies.
BTW-Ironman Kentucky is on versus tomorrow!!! I know I'm not the only one signed up and you can be sure that I will be tuned in tomorrow, watching it with Karel and getting super excited and motivated!

Maybe a few professional pics from will warm everyone up....