Campy's Play date

If you are a regular to my blog, you probably know how much I love Campy. He has taught me to make the most out of my days (it saddens me that dogs don't live as long as humans) and to focus on Balance in my life.
Since adopting him in Oct 2008, I find I love him more and more everyday. Karel, who was never a huge dog lover (he's a cat-man) has developed a love for all dogs but most of all, he LOVES Campy! He said that Campy makes him less nervous at his races because Campy puts a smile on his face.
If you are new to my blog,
here's how we decided that we were ready for a dog
and how we ended up getting Campy

A few weeks ago, Campy found his sister (or so we think). Here's the story of how
Campy found his sister

I was super excited for Monday because Campy had a play date with his sister Xuxa and Xuxa's brother Charky. Special thanks to Sandy for letting us come over and enjoy a BIG backyard. Campy loves being off the leash!

What fun to see Campy run around and play. He LOVES to run!!! Considering that Campy is super fast, he really enjoys being chased :)

The resemblance is unbelievable!