Good (healthy) eats - Creations

Karel is off in Wisconsin. My only taster for my creations is my furry little friend...

This morning I got a text from Karel letting me know that it was pouring and lightening in Wisconsin and the start of the 100 mile Grand Fondo ride was postponed. In the early afternoon I received another text from Karel letting me know that he was in the 4 man break (although this is a group event, I guess several of the guys were ready to race), the course was shortened to 50 miles and the roads were really wet. It was windy and hilly. Karel was sprinting for the finish about to win the race......until he flatted with 300 meters to go.
Since I am working on reframing my sentences, rather than saying "what a bummer" I will say "well, at least he was in the 4-man break". Congrats Karel!
Karel ended up 6th in the event because he just rolled through the finish line with a flat front wheel. Jeff did awesome as well and both earned a nice cold beer after the race. Jeff and Karel LOVE going to Wisconsin for Trek World...or maybe for the beer?

I invited myself over to my best friend Laura's house for dinner. Laura's hubby travels all the time so I figured this would be a great time to catch up. Because my internship + IM training keep me busy, I really enjoy making time for my friends. She loves to entertain and we both love to eat/cook so what better way to end the weekend than Curried Tofu and Peanut Butter Banana nut mini muffins....yum!