Green beans, Soo Foo blend and your choice of protein -Creations

It's really easy for Karel and myself to enjoy vegetarian meals. Even if Karel eats meats, his diet is primarily meat-based. I try to plan my protein choice for my meal, before I think about the rest of the meal. Once I decide on my protein, I then balance the meal with fruits/veggies, healthy fats and carbohydrates. I try to listen to my body and reflect on the day as I plan dinner. Depending on my workout for the day and upcoming workout, I can adjust macronutrients as needed.
I received a sample of SooFoo brown rice, grains and lentils and it is super delicious. If you are a rice or lentil lover, I highly recommend this product.
You can buy it online:

The ingredients for the 16 oz (1lb bag) include only the following:
-Long grain brown rice
-Brown lentils
-Wheat Berries
-Black lentils
-Rye Berries
-Green lentils

Talk about an ingredient list good for the heart. More like EXCELLENT for the heart.
Soo Foo rice is not only for dinner but also for breakfast and lunch. YUM!