Panini sandwich

Isn't this picture beautiful? Fresh basil from my backyard basil plant.

Don't tell Karel but I haven't prepared him a "meat" dinner meal in over a week! Of course I never want to turn my hubby into a vegetarian (against his own will) but he isn't complaining about my veggie-packed meals! Best of all, he is still riding strong and feeling great..and his belly is filled with lots of color!

I was browsing through some old food pics on my computer and I came across this pic from a few weeks ago. We just LOVE our panini maker and it makes any plain sandwich 10x better and yummy smells just fill the room.
For my non-vegetarians, here is a simple tuna salad sandwich recipe for a quick and yummy lunch. For my vegetarians, whenever I make Karel tuna salad, I make the "base" of the salad and then divide it in half. I use either eggs or tofu as my protein choices for my salad and then use tuna for Karel's salad. This way I don't have to go out of my way to make Karel a separate dish and we can both enjoy a yummy panini sandwich or wrap. YUM!

Tuna Salad
Tuna, eggs or tofu
Spicy mustard
Greek yogurt
Black beans
Oats (I use a few tbsp of oats to thicken the salad)