Plates Not Pills: FIBER

A big HAPPY Birthday to Karel's dad who turns a young 71 years today!!

(picture taken in 2008 after we got married)

Early this morning (5am) we skyped with Karel's dad who lives in Czech Republic and I had Karel ask him in Czech if he was going to bike 71 miles today for his birthday. Without hesitation, his dad told Karel that he has a 71-mile bike ride planned with his friends this weekend.

Just a few weeks ago my grandpa turned 88 and I asked him how he was feeling and he said "well, Marn...I am doing just great for 88". He is still super active, living with my grandma Barbara in Reno, NV, eating healthy meals and exercising on a daily basis.
I guess when you use your body and your mind to the fullest, alongside respecting the body by providing it with quality food, you can only look forward to a long, quality-filled life. My dad has a saying "You may live until you are 60,70 or 80 but your health will determine where you are living and how you are living the rest of your life". I only hope that I can be as active as my grandparents and parents in order to live a long and active life with Karel and with those who I love the most.

Hope you enjoy my latest article on LAVA online. Take a look at the recipe if you missed it on my blog a few weeks ago. YUM!!!

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