When I see the body of an Olympic athlete, I am in awe. I do not get envious at his/her abs or ripped legs/arms and I do not begin to bash my own  body. I see a body that has been trained hard, pushed beyond limits and on the verge of breaking and I am amazed at what the Olympic athlete can challenge his/her body to do on event day. I do not dream to be an Olympic athlete because I do not have the gift of mental, physical and emotional strength to push my body to those limits and therefore, I do not expect my body to look like an Olympic athlete. But, I can share my passion for using and moving the body, just like an Olympic athlete and I can be proud of what my body allows me to do, even without an Olympic medal around my neck.
The human body is amazing and this is why I went on to earn a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology. The human body is so complex at rest but make it move and you have something absolutely incredible to study, watch and marvel over. You don't have to be a runner, triathlete or sign up for an Ironman to use your body for fitness gains. What you must do is appreciate the body that you have been given and that your body has the opportunity to take you places that you may never have dreamed of, if you keep it sedentary.
I don't believe that every person has to sign up for a race to be healthy, fit or to change body composition. but I do feel that having a goal (like a race or event) gives a fitness enthusiast, like yourself, great motivation to take care of your body and use your body for what it was designed to do - move, think and overcome obstacles to discover how strong you really are inside (and out).
I hope that you have thanked your body today. No matter what size, frame or number on a scale, your body is amazing. If you made it move, cross a finish line or sweat with muscles burning in the past few weeks, your body is even more incredible and you should be celebrating your gift that you actually enjoy using and moving your body.
Today is the last day that the Trimarni store will be open for our 2014 Triathlon and Cycling kits. Items can be purchased as single items or you may purchase multiple items (with FREE shipping).
After brainstorming on the design for our kits, Karel put our vision of "dream big and use your body" on a blank Canari canvas and the NEW Trimarni kit was born.
We appreciate those who have already placed an order. Because the Trimarni kits are not limited to Trimarni coaching and nutrition athletes, you can learn more HERE about our story behind our design and decision to offer a Trimarni kit.

If you love to use and move your body, cross finish lines, workout and use your body to live an active lifestyle, we believe that you would be the perfect "athlete" to sport our Trimarni clothing as you also support Trimarni.....a coaching and nutrition company that provides education, inspiration and motivation in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition and life.
Thank you for your order!
Any questions - send me an email: Marni@Trimarnicoach.com