March Madness!

Even though this is one of my favorite months because of college basketball, this month is flying by and is busy as ever! First off, I LOVE college ball! Being from kentucky and bleeding blue until I moved to Florida (well, still a KY basketball fan, but the state of Florida doesn't stop when Tubby is on TV), I am a big fan of march madness. The bracket is filled out and I'm super excited to see how I do. Regarding the Duke game last night, this is going to be a wild tournament!
Training is going great with an occasional ache or two in my foot. As much as I want my foot to be completely healed for my first week next weekend (subaru) I am still confident with my training. I've been swimming super hard and running a bit more (up to 20+ miles a week). So it isn't like the 50+ mile running weeks I put in for Ironman, but I'm ok with that. The cycling is going great and it doesn't matter when I ride, I am always in the headwind! Great Kona training I guess ;) I spend as much time as I can on my bike and even the other day I practiced turns and corners. For me, it's all about my cycling skills to get me more confident on my bike. Riding both the road bike and seduza and I love them both!
Good luck to those racing in ft.desoto this weekend and with Subaru next week...I know the triathlon chica's are getting ready for a great race! Don't forget about Iron Girl the following weekend (april 1st). www.irongirl.com
Sorry bout the lack of posting on my blog. OK-the only people that probably read my blog are my parents and maybe my brother! :)
I've been super busy but loving every moment. Coaching, nutrition consultations, personal training....I love it all!
I am getting really excited for the season to start-for me to race and to see the many people that I am coaching race! I think the whole state of Florida (triathletes) is doing St.anthony's followed by Ironman Florida 70.3 and I can't wait to see so many faces out on the course. Seeing that I will be a bit nervous for St.Anthony's since I am racing Elite for the first time, I'll still have my trademark thumbs-up ready for my friends out there!
This morning was a great 44 mile ride with the last hour in straight headwind and lots of heavy rain. Oh well...if it rains at a race and it's windy, I'll be ready! Plus, I have a clean road bike!