It's almost here. Morton Plant Mease Triathlon. I don't know what I am most excited about, but I am looking forward to racing on sunday! There are so many athletes racing (over 800!) and I know so many people..that always makes for an entertaining and motivating race experience. I am also racing elite where I will be racing for $2000 for the top 5 elite females. I'm really excited for this opporunity and there are a lot of FAST ladies in this field. I say Ladies, cause as usually, most of the top athletes are atleast 5 to 10 years older than me and fast as anything! What an inspiration that these ladies have kids, families, full-time jobs (hehe) and so many daily committments and are still training and racing incredibly! I understand that we all do what we can to pay the bills, but sometimes I feel like I just work so hard just to pay for my trip to Kona for the World Championships. Oh well, the opporuntity may only happen once! :)
This week was tough up until thursday. I finally survived the entire wed night ride in Landsbrook and didn't get dropped! But of course my bike bag fell off right before the last loop and I was so upset that I had to turn around to go and get it. Since the wed ride consists of 5 loops around a 3 mile course, I turned in the opposite direction to meet up with the group before the final sprint. Thursday morning was a time trial swim (650 meters) and I felt really good about my 8:50 time). Thursday afternoon I rode the MPM course again for last minute details of where the potholes, bumps, unpaved parts and turns were on the course. Two days before a race I always sleep-in (ahhh, 6:15am has never felt so good) and I felt really rested since I usually get up before 5am during the week. Tomorrow I will have my race wheels on Seduza and I will have Karel warm-up with me for a couple intervals until he meets up with the group ride. I'm really looking forward to helping at registration for the race tomorrow at 11am. I always try to help with races and if I could help out during the race, I would find a way to race and help. I enjoy handing out packets at the expo because it is a great way to meet new people.
Sunday...well, you know-It's race day!
Good luck everyone!