Monday morning and already tired...

The week has officially started and the weekend is officially over. After my BT.com chat last night (which was absolutely great...what wonderful questions people had!) I had trouble falling alseep. I was up pretty late (10:30) so I slept in a bit until 6:45am (no alarm). Ahhhh, monday's are so nice. Not sure when people take a day off from training but I call them recovery monday's and no alarm is set and I just do whatever my body feels like doing. Sometimes I don't need a full day off to recover (I'm not quite sure what I am recovering from right now with my training routine :) but it is nice to get a little extra sleep every now and then. Last monday Karel and I went for an evening jog (yes, Karel can run...fast!) so that was enjoyable. Sometimes we take a walk in the morning or I will go for an easy 1500-2000 swim at the Y. As for this morning, it was 45-degree's out and I went for a 30 min. walk. The walk lasted about 15 minutes since walking is a bit too slow for me if I am not on a treadmill on an incline, so the walk turned into a jog. It is so nice to be able to just pick up the pace with my legs and jog. 2 months ago I wished I could move my legs fast enough to call it a jog...without that stupid limp or a nagging pain in my groin. Oh, I feel so happy that I am recovered. After the jog I got myself ready to head to John Chesnut park to train someone. Utlizing park benches and an open road, I can come up with great exercises to get the heart rate going. I brought my stretch cord today and I think her arms were burning a bit :) I am now in the library at St.pete college waiting for my Biology class at 11. Once again I will learn about cells and try not to think about how tired I am already. After class I will head home, grab something to eat, study and then head to the pool for coaching. Then to class one more time at 7-10 and my day will finally be over. As much as I wish it was the weekend, I actually like being busy and having a schedule. I think if I wasn't so busy I wouldn't be so disciplined. Plus, when I train/coach people I get so excited to offer my help that I just forget about all the things I have to do that day. Well, I better get going so I can get to class. I'm not too concerned that someone will take my desk in the front row (Yes, I am a nerd..even when I am 3-7 years older than most of the students I still sit in the front of the class :).
My best advice for a busy life (in order to not become stressed) is to just live day by day. So...enjoy the day and have a great Monday!