Saturday morning

Good morning! Did everyone sleep well last night? Sounds like I am writing a mass email! :)
I am waiting for the coffee to get done...and it almost is! I'm heading out for a bike ride today. I hope to get in 50-55 miles since the past couple of saturday's have been around 45 miles. I rode yesterday morning and I felt great. It was super windy but I got in 22 miles to start my day. Karel decided to ride as well and I saw him in the opposite direction when I was riding. It's always nice to bump into him when we are on our bikes. I thought I would turn around (since I was heading home) to try to catch Karel but he was doing his standing starts so there was no way I would catch him. So, i turned around again and headed home. After studying for most of the day (w/ one nutrition consultation completed and a deadline for my GAOM triathlete mag article) I headed to the gym for an afternoon workout. I ran for 3 miles, walked 1 and then lifted. My arms are a bit sore but it is the good sore. I know I did something yesterday :)
well, just a quick update before I get on my bike. Things are going well and that makes me happy. Not that I wasn't happy in life before (when I was injured) but now i feel I have my lifestyle back which brings me discipline, excitement and motivation in everything I do.